Anti-bug, digital cameras and bugs detector "BugHunter CL-01"

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Professional detector "bugs" or hidden cameras disguised in the housing board quartz. 

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Advantages of the detector bugs and wireless video cameras "BugHunter CL-01":

  • Exact stated parameters. We guarantee that our device 100% of the stated parameters.
  • Operation in the range of 50 to 3000 MHz. Antizhuchok covers the entire frequency range in which most devices running covert surveillance and wiretapping.
  • Stable operation at all the stated frequency range. Through the use of innovative technologies antizhuchok "BugHunter CL-01" working steadily throughout the claimed range of frequencies without failure.
  • High sensitivity - has a very high sensitivity, which is 50 mV / m. The device has a telescopic antenna hidden in the body clock, which improves the sensitivity.Standard radiozhuchok 5 mW detector detects already at a distance of 5 meters and a strong cell phone signal - from a distance of 50 m. For comparison, the sensitivity of the majority antizhuchkov that have flooded the Russian market is now rarely exceeds 100 mV / m, ie quality of detection is at least 2 times worse.
  • Extended dynamic range (48 dB). Dynamic range - one of most important characteristics for the detector bugs, along with the sensitivity. The wider dynamic range, the better the device detects the signals are very high or very low power, without going beyond the limits of the scale display. This is especially true in complex search conditions, when there may be as potent signal sources (cell phones), and weak (almost all kinds of "bugs"). Antizhuchok dynamic range "not tipped the scales" on the presence of cell phones and their background will find a hidden "bug".
  • Equally well it finds both analog and digital "bugs" by the latest high-speed microprocessor base.
  • The ability to adjust the operational sensitivity. The detector has two buttons that allow to reduce or increase the detection sensitivity depending on the background noise.
  • Built-in GSM-filter. Today, GSM-tower can be seen at every step - and in large metropolitan areas and in small provincial towns. It has a positive effect on the quality of cellular communications, however, it makes it difficult to search for the "bugs". Towers are powerful sources of radio signals and "clog" air noise, so near to them, even a quality bug detector does not detect spy equipment, as simply "not see" it. In developing the "BugHunter CL-01", we have taken into account this fact and provided its new brainchild GSM-filter that minimizes interference from cell phone towers, allowing you to use the detector even in the immediate vicinity. This fact significantly expands the scope of use of the device and greatly improves the quality of detection radiozakladok.
  • Automatic adjustment to background levels of radiation - allows the device does not respond to the background noise (which is present in any room where there is electronic equipment), defining only the signals from the "bugs".
  • The qualitative element base. The unit is hand-assembled from high-quality components of known European manufacturers.


Modes of operation of the detector bugs "BugHunter CL-01"

The device has three modes of operation: protection akustozavyazki (search for microphones) and search for "bugs".

1. Protection mode

This is the main mode for the detector "BugHunter CL-01." It is used for constant background operation (for example, in negotiations). BagHanter he adjusted to the current radio environment. When the device detects radiation audible alarm will alert you and display the signal level on the LED scale.


2. Search Mode "bugs"

If you want to find using the indicator field "BugHunter CL-01" radiozhuchka exact location, you need to use an extension power supply to the unit can be moved around the room.Check with a detector having all of the most vulnerable places where the bug may be arranged (for example, slots in the baseboard, the cavity ceiling for batteries, etc.). The closer the device is to the source of the signal, the more LEDs light up on the scale, and the louder and more alarming tone. During the search, you can adjust the sensitivity of the detector with special buttons on the front panel.


Recommended to search both analog devices, and pulse. These are two different search modes. If the search mode analog bugs LEDs on the scale will quickly turn ON or OFF - slide the unit in pulse mode.

3. Mode Akustozavyazki *

This mode is used to search for hidden analog transmitters (microphones). It allows for loud whistle quickly find the exact location of the spy devices.

* The term "akustozavyazka" refers to a situation familiar to radio listeners: if listeners call in to a station without turning off the receiver, you can hear a characteristic whistling. It occurs when the speaker, reproducing what is being said on the microphone is close to the microphone itself. The detector generates an audible signal. By capturing the sound detector mic "bug" again passes it on the air that the detector picks up - distributed characteristic whistle.


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