Audio-organaizyer business person

Where ever you are, all your thoughts recorded with this miniature digital device, will be there and available for playback at any time.

Usually the head of the organization processes so much information that its sometimes impossible to keep in mind. That is why to help you designed to the series recorder EDIC-mini New... Here is a simple example that speaks in favor of the presence of the head of the recorder: when you are in the car on business, you tend not to write important thoughts in the organizer; and however different the ideas are constantly coming to mind, so not to miss anything valuable, you can dictate them into a recorder and then listening through the chain to restore everything up to the word and to put into practice.

It is also convenient to use EDIC-mini New meetings with customers or suppliers, so as sometimes any missing word can be expensive. Due to the large memory of this device can be sure you don't miss even a glimpse of these words.

Another application option – you have scheduled an important meeting, but you can not attend. In this situation, one solution is to ask your employees using dictaphone to record the entire conversation for further review of the proposed conditions.

Being in a distant trip it is possible to use the recorder even to manage the company. Agree – quite convenient to record an audio message and then send it to the corporate e-mail, to be accessed by all employees. You can be sure that the job is done, and no one can deny its existence. And what to say about meetings and conferences where you can not only reproduce the information that will be audible to all, but also to record the holding of these meetings, then analyzing them and taking appropriate conclusions.

If you do not have no phone, no notebook EDIC-mini New will come to help you not only to record a new task or contact, but prompt the necessary or desired date. Sometimes there is no time to listen to the full recording, EDIC-mini New in contrast to many standard recorders, allows you to upload to the computer or listen through the earpiece only the necessary fragment.


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