BugHunter BH-03 Expert RF Signal Detector with a Frequency Meter - starsvery well designed and engineered product

A modified version of the professional bug detector - "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert", equipped with a frequency meter that automatically detects the operating frequency of spyware, and an improved noise filtering system in all commonly used bands.

I admit to not having a specific use case for this device, but i've been in radio and communications for decades and have been a ham for about 55 years (kg5vt) and was curious about these 'bug hunting' devices. I'm always curious about my immediate rf environment and i carry a radio and a scanner which doubles as a frequency counter for close proximity devices nearly everywhere i go.

As i explored the operation of this device i came to see how targeted and specialized it was at tracking down sources of rf emissions. it has some obvious differences from other devices i've researched which generally make it a better tool for the use. But in fairness, it's 3x-4x the price of some of them.

One thing immediately in the bh-03 expert's favor was the tiny form factor and the lightness of it. It will disappear in a t-shirt front pocket and it couldn't be any smaller before it'd suffer from being too small to read the display and operate the buttons. Btw, I'm not a fan of membrane buttons as they're mushy and it's too easy to hit them off-center and them not to register, but once you get used to where to press they generally work well. the arrow buttons are the worst and in the dark you'd have an exceedingly hard time 'feeling' for the button to press. But the design of the software allows you to setup the device so that there is very little button pressing required once you've tuned it to the current environment and decided whether you need vibration and/or sound and picked one of the two modes, search or shield.

I admire the choices the software/firmware engineers made to simplify use of the device. You can have it 'learn' the current environment with one keypress and adjust the sensitivity to the best setting for the levels of rf found. You can attenuate up to 5 frequency ranges such as wifi, 3g/4g, gsm, &c by 15db so that you can concentrate on other devices which aren't in those ranges. You can turn on two types of sound which makes the bh-03 act somewhat like a geiger counter where the sound increases the closer you get to the target device. If you use the earphones, you could have the bh-03 in a pocket and search in very stealth mode using those tools.

But on the other side of the coin, they've left room for 'experts' to ignore the automatic settings and fine tune for their purpose.

One of the best features is the /shield/ mode where the device 'learns' the room and then goes into a semi-standby state where, if say a cell phone activates or a new devices powers up, the bh-03 will alert you to the new condition.

I know nothing about bug hunting per se, but this device lets even a novice or someone not that technical have access to a very good tool for the purpose. Oh, and i like that it gives you the option of single-use batteries or rechargeable ones, but be sure to set your choice in the menu although it warned me when i plugged in a charger that i didn't have rechargeable cells inside--this is very good pro-active programming.

Now here's one of the worst parts and then one of the best parts. documentation. I collected as much as i could. Some was in translated english and some i had to let google translate from the russian. when dealing with such a technical device you just can't have a less-than-perfect translation of documentation if you plan to use all the features to the full extent provided by the designers and to understand the paradigms behind the use and thus i ended up asking some questions on the i4technology support page. I got a very detailed reply less than 24 hours later in perfect english by someone with a deep knowledge of the product and the technology--very impressive!

Although i'm not the specific target customer for the device, as a ham operator and a communication technician, i can put it to good use in several areas inside and outside its design parameters. No buyers remorse here.


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