Making 3D panels yourself, you do not have to spend money on delivery and worry about the integrity of the goods, and things made by oneself are always more valuable than purchased ones.

The only thing you need to be ready for is a more painstaking and time-consuming process of installing panels made by yourself.

From the previous paragraph it is clear that 3D panels are manufactured by molding into a mold. You can purchase the form with the necessary drawing on a free sale or on the Internet. Forms are not only plastic, but also silicone. Of these, it is more convenient to remove ready-made plates, but they are more expensive, so you will have enough plastic for one-time production. Next, you will need materials for the casting mixture. They are inexpensive and are sold in every construction shop. You will need plaster, fiber, lime and a drill bit in the form of a mixer to mix the mixture. Fibrous fiber is a reinforcing material, the use of which is not necessary, but preferably.

Let's go to the panel. Prepare a flat surface on which your mold and container with clean water will be placed to mix the mixture. Manually mix a homogeneous mixture without lumps you will not get, in addition, everything must be done quickly, so use a drill with a nozzle-mixer. To prepare the solution, mix 300 grams of lime and 2.7 kg of gypsum and add fiber fibers, the mass of which should not be more than 1% of the mass of gypsum. Pour the mixture into clean cold water (2 liters) and mix thoroughly. Take care that there are no lumps and air bubbles, otherwise they will certainly spoil the appearance of your panel. When the finished mixture begins to resemble thick sour cream and becomes homogeneous, you can proceed to pour it into the mold.

In factories, molds are placed on special vibrating tables, which prevents the occurrence of bubbles and gives the necessary shrinkage, you can slightly tap the shape as it fills. Evenly distribute the mixture over the entire form and leave it to stand motionless for about 30 minutes. The gypsum mixture freezes very quickly, therefore within a day you can easily make 6-8 m² of finished panels. The main thing is to be very careful and consistent. After drying, gently remove the panel from the mold, starting at the corners. Examine the surface, if its appearance suits you, transfer the product to a smooth wooden surface for further drying. Well if it's a wooden grille. This will promote the rapid evaporation of excess moisture and rapid drying. Observe the normal temperature and humidity in the room. Do not make panels in a damp, not heated room.

The subsequent fate of your panels depends only on your imagination. You can paint them or open them with a clear varnish. This will not only give them a beautiful glossy gloss, but also facilitate wet cleaning. Manufactured in the home, 3D panels, subject to compliance with the technology, differ little from the purchased ones, except that the straightness of the edges. This is what we meant when we talked about more difficult installation. But since the gypsum is easy to process, you can trim the edges with sandpaper or a clerical knife. But how nice it will be to show off to the guests that it is your doing.