DKG-21 (gamma radiation dosimeter is individual) Ecotest CARD

DKG-21 is an individual dosimeter in the form of a credit card. DKG-21 is used at nuclear power facilities, in physical laboratories, in healthcare facilities as an electronic direct-indicating dosimeter for the automated system of individual dosimetric monitoring of ASIDK-21, as well as a stand-alone device

The dosimeter-radiometer is designed for measuring ionizing radiation (radiation) including:
- dose rate of gamma radiation;
accumulated dose of gamma radiation.

In addition to the dosimeter, the functions of the clock and alarm clock are implemented, and the manual power off (via PC) locking. In the dosimeter, the threshold dose levels and gamma radiation dose rates are programmed, and an audible alarm is issued when they are exceeded. The dosimeter also indicates the discharge of the batteries and performs a periodic self-test of the batteries and the detector.

Completed - DCG-21
The dosimeter is used at nuclear power facilities, in physical laboratories, in public health institutions, and also in the home by the population as an electronic direct-indicating dosimeter for round-the-clock monitoring of dose loads per person. The dosimeter can be used both as part of automated systems such as ACIDK-21, and as a stand-alone device.

The dosimeter is very compact (can be worn in a purse or breast pocket) and a light device that has a long service life. In the dosimeter, it is possible to record the measurement results in its non-volatile memory and then transmit the measurement results (via the IR communication channel) to a personal computer for analysis (special software must be installed on the computer that is purchased separately from the dosimeter).

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