Film infrared wall-mounted heater-picture - what is it for?

The heater picture is a modern infrared heater with a high-quality image that will not only heat the room, but will also become an integral part of its interior

Warmth and comfort in the house is not expensive!

The heater picture is a modern infrared heater with a high-quality image that will not only heat the room, but will also become an integral part of its interior. Choosing a suitable model for the design, you will receive a decorative heater, which will become a bright accent in your room. In addition, high-quality picture heaters combine safety, reliability, economy and ease of use. That is why they have become very popular in our time for heating various rooms.

How does the picture of the heater?

Infrared painting heater heats the room in a natural way like a sun or Russian stove, not heating the air, but the objects in the room (furniture, walls, floor). The air is heated indirectly from warm objects. It is thanks to the fact that the infrared rays do not heat the air themselves, the air is not dried, and the oxygen content in it does not decrease (we all know how it smells in the room heated by the oil cooler - in this case the air becomes dry and smells of burned oxygen). Infrared heat is most comfortable for a person, since it maintains an optimal atmosphere in the room and is generally beneficial to a person. About the benefits of infrared radiation written already a lot. How is the wall heater in the form of a picture? This flexible film electric heater consists of two layers of a thermal film, between which there is a carbon string (a safe heating element, used including in medicine). The carbon filament heats up and releases heat energy. On the back side of the canvas is a reflecting screen, so that the heat is directed only to one side (towards the room, not the walls). Above and below the picture there are wooden or plastic slats that do not allow to fully adhere to the wall, so as not to heat it. The heater is equipped with a wire with a standard plug for connection to the 220 V network. There is an image on the front side of the heater, and there are various models for every taste on sale. Despite the multilayeredness, the heaters of the painting remain thin and light.

Wall Heaters Pattern: Where Can I Use?

Infrared heaters of the picture, due to their efficiency and variety of images are widely used at home, in the country, and in the office. One such warming picture will automatically warm the room in 5 square meters. in winter and up to 15 square meters. m in the off-season or create a comfortable warm zone within a radius of several meters in a larger room. The heater on the wall in the form of a picture will give its comfortable warmth and coziness where more heat is required:

  • rooms in an apartment, in a house, including a wooden one, and at the cottage
  • locally (near the bed, sofa, bed, armchair, near the window, door, etc.)
  • corridor, balcony, loggia, hall, vestibule, veranda
  • Wet rooms (bathroom, toilet, bathroom, sauna, sauna)
  • in the office, workplace staff in the warehouse, in the hangar, in the shop or in the production room
  • small rooms (stall, kiosk, cabins, small country cottage, garage, workshop, etc.)
  • utility rooms and outbuildings
  • heating of pets

A heating picture can also be a good gift to your relatives and friends!


Infrared heaters pictures: Top 10 benefits

  1. Economy is the main advantage of a flexible film heater in the form of a picture. Unlike traditional sources of heating (radiators, convectors, fan heaters), an infrared heater, the picture will not heat the air, but directly objects and a person in a heated room. Therefore, with the same efficiency, heat transfer will cost 3-4 times less electricity (only 400 W). This is one of the most energy-efficient types of heaters with an efficiency of 98-100%.
  2. Real savings in paying for electricity. Calculate the average savings. A typical oil cooler consumes an average of 2000 watts. The cost of electricity in Moscow in 2017 - 5.38 rubles. for 1 kW. When using a radiator an average of 8 hours per day and 30 days in a month, the payment for electricity will be 5.38 r * 240 h * 2 kW = 2.582.40. IR heater picture with the same mode of operation will spend electricity at 5.38 r * 240 h * 0.4 kW = 516.48. Savings - 2.066,92 rubles, that is, 5 times! And for 6 cold months you can save 12,401.52. And this is only an approximate calculation.
  3. The positive therapeutic effect of infrared heat on human health. In winter, the absence of sunlight is partially compensated.
  4. Eco-friendliness : In a room with a heating picture it is easy and free to breathe. The air is not dried, the humidity does not decrease. Oxygen does not burn, so it does not smell of a "radiator". No harmful substances are released. Since there is no convection of air, dust does not rise. This will eliminate nasal congestion, headache, shortness of breath, raising dust and animal hair and other troubles of convection heating. Therefore, infrared heaters are especially recommended for allergy sufferers and children.
  5. Fire safety and safety for children and adults. The surface of the heater does not heat up to high temperatures, and even if accidentally touched it can not be burned.
  6. Reliability: designed for continuous operation and have a long service life for several years.
  7. Instant heating: After 20-30 seconds after turning on the electric heater in the form of a picture, you will feel the outgoing heat, and to the operating temperature it will heat up in a couple of minutes.
  8. Protection from moisture. Flexible film patterns are hermetic, and they can be used in conditions of high humidity: for example, in a bathroom or a bathroom.
  9. Compactness, lightness and mobility. The light weight makes it as simple as possible to install a decorative heater on the wall or any other vertical structure yourself. Do not need any additional brackets or load-bearing structures: just simply deploy it and hang it over the loop. Compactness is very useful for you where there are so few places (for example, on a balcony) and will free up useful space on the floor. Flexibility allows you to roll the heater in a tube for storage and transportation, and for the summer period and completely remove it until the next cold season. Mobility will make it easy to install a picture at any other place (for example, take it from the house to the dacha or outweigh it in another room).
  10. Aesthetic appearance: the infrared heater picture is able to decorate any interior. On sale there are a variety of options for images of heaters, and you can choose the model most suitable for style in the house or office, in the living room or bedroom, in the children's room or kitchen, in the bathroom or at the dacha. A warming picture with a well-chosen design will undoubtedly attract the eye.

Picture heater on the wall: Are there any disadvantages?

The power of the picture with heating is not designed for heating large areas. To heat the room more than 5-15 square meters. m., it will take several heaters of paintings, or a more powerful infrared heater.
However, local heating in a large room is quite effective. You can not control the temperature in the room. However, this disadvantage is easily eliminated by connecting the heater to an external thermoregulator.

Heater on the wall in the form of a picture: How to choose and buy?

The price for the wall-mounted heater is available to everyone. An electric heater with a capacity of 400 W can be purchased already from 29 usd, which is much lower than the cost of other types of heaters. In addition, the subsequent installation is so simple that it does not require the involvement of specialists and related financial costs. Select certified heaters from reliable manufacturers. Before buying, carefully study the specifications and reviews, check the availability of certificates, study the installation recommendations. For sale there are wall heaters paintings of various subjects: nature, urban architecture, children, animals and abstractions, so that you can choose the image that best fits your interior. Everyone can find his "warm picture". Here you can choose your painting with heating. Photos, examples of use, as well as customer testimonials you will find on the pages of specific models. Click on the links below and get more information.

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