Gypsum 3d wall panel - from making to drying

At the initial stage of the organization of own production it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements that are established to significantly reduce the manifestation of errors in the manufacture, as well as the marriage of finished products. It's not for nothing that they say that it's better to learn from other people's mistakes.

Where to begin production of 3D panels. 

1. Preparation of space to work

At the initial stage of the organization's own production must adhere to certain requirements, which are set to significantly reduce the symptoms of errors in the production, as well as the marriage of finished products. It is no wonder they say that learn better from others' mistakes.

The room temperature must be constant and not fall below 20 degrees. Moisture thus should be not more than 60 percent.

It should pay particular attention to the fact that the room must be completely absent drafts, because at the stage of production of gypsum is different enough high sensitivity, because sensitive to any sudden changes in the environment.

For this reason, it is not recommended to produce gypsum board in an open air environment or in the winter in a room without heating.

The room should be equipped with forced ventilation works, thanks to which will remove excess dust and regulated level of humidity. Depending on the volume of the room, you need to install an exhaust fan household type.


2.Raw materials for the production of wall panels

In the manufacture of wall panels are allowed to use feedstocks such as gypsum various grades, concrete, ready-mix for panels, and polymeric resins.

As the most popular on the market are three-dimensional panels made from plaster, then we will consider the option of their production because of this raw material. The greatest efficiency in the production of gypsum boards uses mark "T-16", which is produced at Samara gypsum mill.

Presented gypsum mark could well prove itself in different spheres. Cast decorative panels with the help of very simple.

Due to the special composition completely avoided the appearance of air bubbles in front of the panel.

To obtain a solution, it is necessary to mix a certain amount of cold water and gypsum dare in a ratio of 1: 3. For example, to obtain the finished solution liter, half-liter of water necessary to mix and 1.5 kilograms of gypsum mixture.



3.Preparing and pouring the mixture

At the beginning of mixing is necessary to take a container in which is already in the required amount of water. Now you need to fill up slowly to the dry mixture while stirring it.

For mixing it is recommended to use a special attachment on a drill-mixer or a separate rastvoromesitel. Stir the solution should be at the same rate for at least two minutes, the mixer is constantly moving in different directions. As a result, should get a homogeneous mass without any lumps.

However, it is worth noting that there is no need for excessive zeal, because the gypsum may lose its strength when mixing.

Through the first fill, you can measure the amount of solution required for a single form. This is necessary in order to avoid further waste of material and manual alignment surface of the panels. Pour the mixture must be extremely pure form, which are arranged on flat surfaces. Surfaces must be perfectly aligned on the level, and this is one of the key aspects of producing quality products.

4. Drying of gypsum panels

Finished panels are allowed to take out of the tanks after one hour after pouring.

To get a wall panel, it is necessary to turn and gently remove the form from the corners.

Once the panels removed from the containers, they should be sent to the dryer.

Put into the dryer must be very careful, because the plaster is not yet strong enough and it can be easily damaged. In the manufacture of the dryer it is highly recommended to use wood material from softwoods.

The shelves must have a solid structure. It is best to do them the rack, or else provided with special holes to drain water. The easiest and cheapest option dryers is safe from pine fitted with the rack shelves.

Not recommended for drying fans or heaters. Their use suffers considerably gypsum strength. Best of all, if the moisture will evaporate gradually and naturally.


5.Oborudovanie and equipment

Everything needed for the production of equipment will not be difficult to purchase in the hardware store or on the construction market direction. To organize the production of wall panels, you must acquire:

  • Table with high strength and a flat top. The minimum size of the table should be 70 to 70 centimeters. It is desirable that the table provided an opportunity to adjust the height of the legs. In this case, it can be set in a strictly horizontal position
  • Cast level. It is better to use a professional to avoid low-quality production
  • Electronic scale capable of measuring up to 30 kg of weight
  • Drill equipped "Mixer" special nozzle. The nozzle should be designed for medium to large volumes of mixture
  • At least three buckets for rubber mixtures
  • Special containers for used water, because it is prohibited to discharge into the drains
  • Special scoop spilling gypsum mixture
  • Measuring container for metering a volume of water of at least one liter
  • Wood for the manufacture of the oven
  • Individual protection means
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