How to apply gypsum (cement) 3D panels in the interior

Original, eco-friendly, fashionable - and this is just a small list of advantages of 3D panels, which from the outlandish innovation for the world design have become a sure trend.

The options for using 3D panels in the interior are many: from filling the entire wall to point use. In the living room and the bedroom, gypsum panels are especially advantageous in TV-zones. For this design, models with a design that simulates a wave pattern, water surfaces or modern geometric shapes are best suited. And also 3D-panels favorably emphasize the fireplace zone.

plastic mold wall panel 3d form

In the corridors, panels that simulate a capiton, coach couplers or pouf surfaces are very interesting. Light models are ideal for classical style, and a dark color solution will give the interior a slightly mystical mood.

3d wall panel form gypsum

Interiors in which there are columns, with the help of 3D panels can also give a special chic and a new reading. Panels are easily cut and mounted, so decorating them with columns is not difficult. For this purpose, panels with built-in luminaires are ideal.

plastic form 3d wall panel art decor

If you want to enter gypsum panels in the interior locally, then as a separate art objects work fine 3D-panel. You can choose ready-made options or combine panels from one collection to your taste. The second option can be found, for example, in the collection - the Sunflowers panel

sunflower 3d wall panel art decor

Those who love all the extraordinary, it is worth paying attention to the unusual, but already very popular in modern interiors solution - an accent panel on the ceiling. In addition, 3D panels can be used in the form of a transition from the wall to the ceiling.

art decor 3d wall panel

In public interiors, especially in offices or hotels, gypsum panels are most often used as the central part of the reception.

puzzle art decor 3d wall panel

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