Manufacture, installation and painting of gypsum products.

The process of making the panel is very easy, because gypsum and fiberglass are added to the mold. Panels from gypsum quickly harden, and for a day you can make about ten square meters.

Gypsum decorative elements are in great demand and popularity as work with plaster is very simple, because it does not stiffen days as concrete and weighs much less. And he looks more pleasant. Gypsum products themselves are not relatively expensive (especially if you make them yourself). From this mixture of white make a lot of different products, and is especially popular in home decor, stucco, stone, panels, tiles, etc. Personally, I started with the production of the manufacture of decorative stone. If you are going to start their own business,the continuous operation of casting plaster you will have enough forms on 1m². Plaster freezes at 20 ° C for about 15 minutes, so as long as you fill up the last form (if 1m² forms) - the first is ready for excavation. 

I encountered two kinds of forms
- rubber (polyurethane, silicone);
- plastic (ABS, PVC, polyester and so on.).
What form is best ? See Table. Left plastic mold characteristic of the right - of rubber.

Plastic Mold rubber mold
Price per 0,4m² = $ 10-15 Price per 0,4m² = $ 120-150
The service life of the composition of the solution does not change.                            The service life of less by half, if the casting sand and cement mortar.
There may be discomfort when removing the article. practically no inconvenience.
The effect of opening the lacquer surface. (+ For 3D panels for decoration stone -. An amateur). More rough drawing.                                                                                                             
It does not require a perfectly flat surface.  It requires perfectly flat surface.




As you can see, the benefits are both of them the forms, but, looking objectively , I will say that the plastic molds are more attractive positive side: they are much cheaper , and their service life longer (depending on the solution).


I for fun interviews of friends and clients, showing them the two stones of the same type filled to the different forms of plastic and rubber), and about one in five people knew the difference. And at a distance of 2-3 meters differences even I did not notice .

On our site you can get the form from ABS plastic for their own 3D production of gypsum panels, decorative stone and tile, polifasada and concrete pillars. 

Recommendations about the mixture, casting:

REMEMBER! The less water - the stronger the product! The warmer water than the dry and gypsum - more quickly grasped mixture (solidified). 

  • Applicable typically gypsum brand G-10, G-15, G-16 , etc .; You can use the G-5, G-6 , but they are more viscous and less durable , and quickly grasp and require more water count.
  • To 1 liter. water - 2 kg of gypsum. If you see that your solution is not enough liquid, and you are tormented by doubt: "To fill or not fill ?! - that is the question!" - add a little some water, let the solution will be thinner, but it will take shape in the form. Or the need to reduce the total volume of a single casting. 
  • Not necessarily make or buy or vibrating table vibrating unit,  simply shake the hand shape. But if you make any permanent vibrator on your work surface, then it will speed up the work and will remove air bubbles in the product.
  • In the production of decorative stone river sand may be added (50-70% by weight of the gypsum, i.e. 1 kg of gypsum approximately 0.5-0.7 kg of sand). The proportion of water and a mixture of gypsum and sand 1k2,5, ie 1 liter. water 2.5 kg of a mixture of sand and gypsum.
  • Reinforcement products. To use reinforcement fiber of propylene 8-12mm. It excludes possible chipped at the corners and edges, and significantly reduces the risk of spoilage in transit. Sometimes people add lime, PVA plasticizers to increase the strength of the product. But if you use the plaster brand G-10 - it is not necessarily the product and without a "reinforcer" will be strong enough. 
  • Lubrication. To work with plastic forms you need for lubrication , without it much more difficult to get your product out of the mold. I use a mixture of diesel fuel and motor oil 1k1. An important point : Apply grease needed is minimal, thin-thin layer. You can use special lubricants for such work: Separen, Vestnol, Biosmol, XTC and others. Buy can stand. stores in your city or online stores of our world. I do not recommend using a soap solution or a soap water as a lubricant, since soap products reduces the strength on the surface

Drying products. Installation. Painting.
- a very laborious process on a large scale. It requires a lot of space, a warm, dry and more or less clean room. Personally, I prefer to dry the product in the open air, especially quick drying in the sun. It can be dried in special. ovens with floor heating. Note that the wet gypsum slightly elastic, so if you put, for example, 3D panel on the curve plane is it, this plane will take and deformed. Therefore, dried, stored, packaged and transported to stand. 

Installation.Gypsum can be installed wet, since I want to grow lazy, he does not shrink or crack. Simply, it requires accuracy. If you want to decorate the wall of the 3D panel, then it is better to begin to put the bottom because the top panel will likely slip and put pressure on the lower excited. If the wall is high, I recommend not to hurry and to install panel for 2-3 days, gradually, so they do not slide on the not yet grabbed a solution and does not change the geometry of masonry. 
Painting. There is a very large range of colors, so here is a matter of your imagination. When I poured decorative stones such as "Colorado", "Venice", etc. to order, I asked that the stone itself was a beige color, so I painted SAMU mixture, which you fill in the form. Here, too, your case what intensity you want to stone. Use the zheleznookisnye dry pigments. Then with the help of aerogofa or gun with a finished stone make the so-called "tuning." Paints using a mixture of acrylic-type pigments 'Snowball' or primer "Ceresit"; 50ml pigment 0.5L soil. It is possible and normal brush or sponge to apply the paint. After applying the paint in 10-15 minutes, wipe with a damp, clean sponge to your stone look more real and not a "tart" to the eye. 

In the production of 3D panels in gypsum sand is not added, and the painting comes already assembled and dry bar. Use latex paint with the addition of pigments. 

All other knowledge and experience you get while working. Do not be afraid to dream. Create your nature and stone interior. The decor has no rules and laws, only your tastes, your images, your preferences. All this is your taste, your pictures, your mood!
If you have been helpful this article - I'll only be happy that something could help. Thank you for your attention, comfort in the home and inspiration in the work!

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