Review of digital voice recorder Edic-Mini Led S51

This is not just original, but also a practical solution for a digital voice recorder.

Digital Voice Recorder Edic-Mini-Led-S51 striking twelve bright LEDs arranged according to the numbers on the clock face.

This is not just original, but also a practical solution for a digital voice recorder. When you do not need to conduct a conversation recording, your recorder turns into a clock. Two diodes of red and green colors indicate the hours and minutes respectively. Of course, such a watch will keep running, or vice versa in front within 5 minutes, for a total of 12 divisions, rather than 60, but it is not important.

The key is that the recorder provides the professional recording at a distance up to 10 m, have a plurality of settings and miniature size, and equipped with a solar battery.

The appearance and behavior recorder Edic mini LED S51

On the left side of "K1" the recorder housing is a functional button, a microphone hole, and listening and recording button. On the right side of the housing located recorder mini USB connector, and the process opening for emergency restart device.

USB-connector is also used to connect the recorder to the earphone to listen to a recording quickly. "K1" button toggles the time display mode using light emitting diodes. This mode can be short, and may be constant, then the recorder will display the time until the battery capacity decreases to approximately 50%.

When in standby mode, double-clicked the record button, the recorder starts recording. The red and green LEDs on the dial shows how much free memory and how much battery power is left, respectively. The closer the position to the diode 12 hours the more memory left, or the greater the battery power.

The main functions of voice recorder Edic mini LED S51

Timer recording - a record that is included in a predetermined time. This is useful if you want to record included in your absence or in other similar circumstances. Can be configured as a single timer and daily, that is to trigger a recording every day at the same time.

Record voice - a record, which is included each time the sound source volume exceeds a certain predetermined level. The peculiarity of this function is that it saves memory recorder without driving record in those intervals when the level of signal volume was below the threshold. These intervals are marked as silence intervals and, if desired, you can restore them when listening, but their contents will be silence. activating the function of the voice can be used in cases where you do not know when exactly will need to turn on the recorder for recording.

Annular entry - is a method for recording on tape in which recording is not stopped when the memory runs out, and proceeds to the initial position. That is, the earlier recording overwritten later, if the memory ends. This makes it possible not to think about how much free memory remains, and not have to worry that the recording ends at the wrong time.

Recorder Edic mini LED S51 allows recording listen directly from the device through mononaushnika. With buttons you can navigate through the records. The recorder does not provide the rewinding of the recording, and only makes a transition therebetween.

Also, the recorder is protected from unauthorized access to content by using password protection, but the records themselves are digitally signed, which allows you to determine the recorder, on which it was produced, and whether it has been modified.

Overall - this is a voice recorder, which contains all the most useful features, as well as several additional features that enhance its use. This solar battery, real time clock and advanced features for listening.

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