"SICH Turnstile" - a tourniquet to stop the bleeding

The main urgent measure, the speed and correctness of which directly depends on the life of the injured (the victim), is the cessation of bleeding! We offer an overview of an effective hemostatic device (tourniquet)


In the extreme conditions of warfare during military operations to liberate the occupied territories from a Russian-terrorist imperial invasion or at the defense of frontiers in the eastern part of the state, Ukrainian defenders receive, unfortunately, serious injuries associated with blood loss. Such ruthless realities of this brutal war ...

           In case of wounding during a battle or in another extreme situation, the timely and correct provision of first medical care keeps the victim not only health and ability to work, but also life.


            The turnstile came from the manufacturer Sich Ukraine in a sealed sealed cellophane packaging with a label stating the company logo, the name of the product, the particulars of use, the batch number and date of manufacture, the signs with the operating conditions, the TU number, the address of the manufacturer.

            The breeches came in two colors: black and orange. According to information, black is used in power structures, orange (red) in the structure of the Ministry of Emergencies. There are still blue ones, as I explained - for civil defense units.


           Inside the turnstile user's manual is inserted. On the one hand, features of the one-handed overlaying of the turnstile are described, on the other hand - by two. The instruction is in clear language with colorful visual photos. Having checked once, there was no problem in the future use of the sample.

The turnstile comes in a fastened (transport) position and is ready for overlay with one hand and two.

            The manufacturer guarantees the quality of the product in the range of temperatures from -40 to + 50 ° С (according to other data from -30 to + 60 ° С), in dry and wet condition, at least from an open fire of at least 1 meter. Similarly, it is not allowed to hit the tourniquet of acids, solvents, open flame and other factors that can destroy the product.

Length - 93 cm. Width - 4 cm. Thickness in the folded form -2.5 cm. Weight of the product - 104 grams, without instructions and packaging -100 grams.

The body of the turnstile (sling) is made of a dense capron tape with an elongated textured fastener (velcro) on the inside surface. The high-density lip gloss is made from the specially developed and implemented by the company "SICH-Ukraine" technology "Intersection 45" ®, with diagonally alternating surfaces.

The product uses metal hardware, the strength of which in combination with the strength of the reinforced inner sling, capable, according to the manufacturer, to withstand a load of up to 500 kg / cm2 on the gap, and the hinges of the Velcro will be tested on practical testing. The collector is made of duralumin. All accessories were checked with the help of the tool - all the elements are metal.

In this turnstile there are two types of markings: any sharp object on a special surface and the traditional one on the side label.

All materials are, according to the manufacturer, certified in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.


           The turnstile, thanks to the wrapping package, is conveniently placed in the pocket and is also conveniently pulled out of it. The sealed packaging protects the product from getting into any foreign matter. It's ready to be used quickly, and it's easy to do with one hand. It is enough to tear the package with your teeth, pull out the turnstile and disconnect the white velcro, to bring it to work one pace. After that, place the wound above the place and tighten it. It is important to remember that when applied, the collar should be directed to the outside with a triangle up.


            The turnstile is equally comfortably brought to work and superimposed by both the left and right hand, with the rule remaining unchanged: the collar should be fully visible, the triangle is located at the top. In the gloves, performing a similar operation is more difficult, due to the white velcro, which is not so easy to detach (therefore, we recommend the manufacturer to leave the tongue at the end of the velcro without adhesive properties, so that in the glove could easily grab the textile buckle and open the turnstile).

          It's even easier to operate with two hands. Therefore, imposing on the leg does not cause particular difficulties. The turnstile quickly unfolds, and the sling easily stretches back into the double-buckle buckle.


            For charging on the hand I had two turns before the pulse disappeared. The third turn I made on the endurance of fittings and slings. The turnstile with the set task successfully coped, but there was a hitch with a white textile buckle that wrapped under the sling. If there is an opportunity it is possible to get it, but you can leave it. For the final result it did not affect, only then attach nothing to the rest of the sling. Although, I did not really understand what to do with it even after fixing the Velcro, so I just folded the Velcro inside. The traps of the balance, which may later be transported, should be a manufacturer's alert. Can a ribbon to be sewn on a reverse ribbon a small piece of Velcro to fix the balance? And from the observation: on the naked body imposing a turnstile is not quite a good idea. Work, of course, will be, but the feelings remain not quite pleasant, and the hand scratched. Although, when there is a feeling of pleasure here, when the torn part of the hand or a large wound with abundant bleeding ?!

            The test for frost resistance in both dry and wet form, after 2 hours of sample residence in a freezing chamber at -20 ° C. Work on the strength when applied to the leg was successful. After this, the turnstile is returned to the transport position, lowered to the water, simulating the dampness and frozen again. After the imposition of the sample showed the same results - a reliable adhesion of Velcro, excellent work of the fittings, while the pieces of ice did not affect the result.


            Then, immitating abundant bleeding, the product was omitted in the animal's blood and checked again for clutch. The blood was used genuine, on a squirrel in the picture it is clearly visible. The result is the same - the product is securely fixed and withstands the maximum tension. At the same time, the collar easily enters the locking triangle and is easily held by the stopper while the conditionally wounded worries about the blunt leg.

           At the foot, the maximum load on the turnstile was checked at an average temperature of + 22 ° C. After 6 turns the turnstile safely held the maximum possible tension without ascents and breakdowns, despite the fact that it was filled with blood.

            This product has the potential to put information in two ways. The handle of applying the time is very uncomfortable, because the label is small. Although, maybe he was sewn not for these purposes? This is not clear, but it has been checked in any case. And, here on a special cover you can safely scratch the information on the time of placing a turnstile with any sharp object, however, with inaccurate use, which is very likely, there is no guarantee that these data will not get stuck in the future while transporting the victim.


           After washing the turnstile from the blood, he was placed in a bowl of boiling water for 10 minutes and used again. The temperature of the turnstile at the overlay was within the range of + 70-80 ° C, so the lining material was used. Repeated overlay on the leg did not differ from the previous ones. The sling also held firmly on the clutch, withstand the maximum possible loads, limited only by my pain sensations. The fittings worked without deviations.



           In the hemostatic device "SICH-turnstile", really carefully designed ergonomics. The jacket is designed in such a way that it is equally effective for both large and small radii of extremities. There is a good opportunity for quick use with one hand, in the event that the second arm has lost its functions, or itself requires the overlap of arterial bleeding. Moreover, the product does not require additional fitting.

Thanks to the "Ballanced Compression" ® system developed and implemented in the design of the tourniquet, the tourniquet does not create stiffening when sewn, so there should be no necrosis of soft tissues in the future. The compression is distributed uniformly throughout the radius of the limb.

Reliable metal fittings of high durability do not lose their properties, both at low and at high air temperatures, as well as in the direct sunlight. Double-sided buckle with locking teeth prevents opening of the tourniquet, weakening of the outer tape and the internal compression sling, even with full disclosure of Velcro. The triangle-lock is equipped with additional stoppers, which exclude the sliding of the collar after fixing.

        To indicate the time of setting the tourniquet, except for a pen or pencil, you can use any sharp object (cartridge, than), scratching data on a special gray surface.

           The test showed that this product, contrary to the manufacturer's statement, can be used several times after disinfection in boiling water, since it can easily cope with high and low temperatures without changing functionally. During testing, the turnstile was superimposed about 5 times with maximum tension.