Stone and tile for paths in the country or near the house

Why is tile for garden paths, as well as artificial stone very popular?

Stone and tile for paths in the country or near the house

A beautiful and tidy garden, a private plot at the cottage, near a cottage or a private house is no longer imaginable without carefully made and groomed paths. After all, they perform different functions. First of all, it is convenient for them to move to different places of the site and garden - flowerbeds, beds, greenhouses. And also - to transport cargo. But the garden paths also perform an aesthetic function, being an ornament of the garden.

For the improvement of any site, the tile for the paths in the country house is the first choice. An equally effective and optimal material is the stone for the tracks.
Using these materials, you can create tracks in different styles and divide the site into several zones.

Tile for country roads allows to realize original ideas for landscape design. The paths laid out with tiles perfectly frame decorative ponds, emphasize the shape of the flowerbed, add beauty to the area around the house.

Why is tile for garden paths, as well as artificial stone very popular?

These building materials distinguish strength and durability, frost resistance, ecological compatibility, resistance to moisture, ease of use (cleaning). And also - a large selection of colors, shades, sizes and textures.

Garden paths made of tile and artificial stone will help create a harmonious unity of the whole complex - the house and the plot. With the help of these materials, realizing any design ideas. Moreover, using modern computer programs for landscape design, you can create a model of the site with garden paths. And see how the tiles look at the paths in the dacha, what color and size is more effective and fits the definition of the optimal!
And, finally, the price. Tiles for tracks in the country, as well as artificial stone - it's very affordable materials, unlike the same natural stone. In this case, the appearance of the tile gives the impression of a more expensive material!

Tile and stone for tracks. Advantages and advantages

Strength and durability. Materials retain their form for a long time, since they have a high degree of strength. They are not afraid of significant mechanical and physical loads. They are characterized by a low level of wear / abrasion.

High ecological compatibility. For production, materials such as cement, sand and crushed stone are used. They belong to the category of environmentally friendly raw materials that do not contain carcinogens and harmful impurities.

Great range and richness of choice. With the development of technologies it became possible to produce tiles and artificial stone of various sizes, textures and shades - from standard and strict to fanciful and original. So, to choose a material for arranging tracks on a particular site is not difficult. On the contrary, it is an occasion to show creative wit and imagination.

Resistance to low temperatures and changes in weather conditions. Tile for tracks is an excellent solution in conditions of large temperature changes and, especially, for regions where there are severe frosts in winter. The characteristics of the material are such that even in severe winters and high heat, the tile and stone cover does not deteriorate, remaining at the same level.

Easy to operate. Tiles for tracks in the country - unpretentious material, which does not require much effort and attention. Tiles can be cleaned easily from any contamination. Its flat surface protects the path from the formation of puddles.

For it you do not have to worry about the wet weather. The path from the tile at the dacha does not need to weed the grass between its constituent parts. In addition, it is absolutely safe for children.

Repair and replacement. Tiles for garden paths have big and undeniable advantages over other types of coating (especially asphalt, but not only). In the case of repair, only specific segments are subjected to replacement, which are easily mounted and dismantled. And if you need to install the communications on the site, thanks to the tile you can work with any place where it is laid. It does not restrict access. And, importantly, plates for tracks can be transferred to different places and repeatedly used. The same advantages are possessed by stones for the paths in the cottage
Beauty and aesthetics. The tile makes it possible to embody any, the most bizarre, ideas. To create an original coating, you can combine different types of tiles. It is simply an irreplaceable material for landscape design. Strictness, simplicity, multicolor, modern, complexity of geometric shapes. All this is available for implementation, if you take "into service" material such as tiles.

Benefit and profitability. As already mentioned, tiles for tracks in the country and stone for the tracks are materials that do not require much care and, accordingly, costs. These materials are available and durable. And their installation (styling) is also not very difficult.


Which material should I choose?

It all depends on the budget, and on your preferences, and on the features of the site. You need to decide on the purpose: what is more important for you - aesthetics, the originality of the site or the functionality of the tracks, that is - comfortable movement.

Garden paths made of tiles are the most optimal option. They will provide a smooth and neat surface and aesthetic appearance. When choosing a tile, you need to pay attention to such nuances:

- the tiles should not have a slippery surface. After all, rains are a frequent phenomenon, and after them, owners and guests can slip on the cover that slips;

- do not buy tiles too small. It's inconvenient to pack it!

If you want to impress, you can make tracks from pavers. They look very impressive. But there are rules: do not use very light, or, conversely, too dark shades. The reason: light tones shine in the sun (which is not always good), and the dark ones are difficult to discern in the evening and at night

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