Use audio and video to protect rights. Highlights.

Audio and video recording, remote monitoring and control devices can be used to obtain and record evidence for the court

Use audio and video to protect rights. Highlights.

Now the use of technical means of audio and video recording in order to protect the rights of citizens has gained particular relevance. This is due, on the one hand, to the development and accessibility of appropriate equipment, and on the other, to quite numerous precedents when citizens suffered during its acquisition and use.

Audio and video recording, remote monitoring and control devices can be used to obtain and record evidence for the court, they can be used to protect property, receive and record evidence in road traffic and other incidents, disputes with unscrupulous representatives of the government, and record oral agreements in business , lawsuits, in cases of bullying children in educational institutions and other life situations.

The nuances of using technology
To understand how and what you can use to protect your rights without breaking the law, you need to keep in mind that at present there are a lot of recording devices and they are publicly available. But "not all yogurts are equally useful" (c).
Firstly, there may be problems with the fact that the device used can fall under the category of special technical means for covert information (STS NPI) - in other words, “spy things”. And this is also a criminal offense.
And you can get under punishment already upon its acquisition.
Regarding the allocation of funds to the STS NPI and related incidents, you can write not only a separate post, then a separate training manual will be required. And what’s most interesting, it still will not allow us to clearly understand what we are dealing with, because there is a gray zone in the legislation. We can only say that all these little things from Chinese sites are in the high-risk category, there are too many precedents when people took them directly upon receiving them in the mail (by the way, the mentioned case with a farmer brought to justice - from the same series about Chinese devices )
Moreover, they have characteristics that are just sharpened not for indulging, but for solving real problems (miniature size, greater autonomy, sensitive microphone, ease of operation).
Some modifications are equipped with special markers, allowing you to confirm the authenticity of the record if you need to provide it in court.
Of course, professional mini-voice recorders are more expensive than a mass product, but risks (legal and technical) are minimized. In addition, they are manufactured in Russia, and therefore, there are technical support capabilities for users, it is much easier to repair, replace and similar problems.
The second aspect of this issue is that all information can be divided into legally protected and accessible for fixation and use. Accordingly, the first cannot be recorded and used in any way (for example, it will be illegal to adapt audio and video recording devices for attempts to secretly obtain personal and family secrets, information transmitted via communication networks, commercial, banking and state secrets). But the conversation of the driver or another citizen with a law enforcement officer in the line of duty does not apply to such information. Or recording a conversation by one of its participants is a legal action, and the possibility of recording it by an outside party is regulated by law.
Thus, we can say that modern reality provides good opportunities to protect yourself, your loved ones and facilitate the resolution of many issues. You only need to know about them and be able to use them correctly.

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