Use modern art decor in the interior with the help of plastic or silicone molds

Panels are ideal for decorating living spaces (living rooms, children's, hallways, bedrooms, home cinemas), and commercial (bars, restaurants, cinemas, offices, concert halls, meeting rooms, museums, banks).

Such a product as decorative panels is a curly tile, the surface of which has a well-defined structure in the form of different patterns. Each such tile contains an element that is part of the drawing. A smooth seam between the tiles allows you to glue them without puttying, which is not cheap. This property allows you to significantly save time and money spent on finishing. In addition, the seams look clean and neat.

Now 3D panels are available to anyone who wants to quickly transform their home or office. Modern technologies and a variety of materials allow realizing the most daring design decisions. A feature of 3D panels is the ability to combine elements to create incredible compositions that allow you to emphasize the individual character of each room.

Varieties of wall panels

To date, you can buy a variety of types of wall panels made from:

composite with a decorative polymer coating,
composite with a stone base.

Which of the proposed variants of decorative panels is the most suitable for the industry, will depend on the functionality of the room, its dimensions, conditions of location, habitat and, of course, the financial capabilities of the customer. The assortment of 3D panels includes decor for walls of different sizes, mounting method, weight, structure.


It is important that the use of decorative panels for interior decoration is possible in any room, regardless of the area, shape, layout. It is appropriate to use 3D panels for both home and commercial buildings: bars, restaurants, beauty salons, showrooms in stores. Thanks to the interior, created on the basis of 3D wall panels, you can give the institution an original look that will attract potential customers and help to succeed in business.

The zone, which is to be decorated with 3D wall panels, will certainly become the center of the composition in the interior. Depending on the shape, pattern, color of this or that model, you can achieve an amazing result - visually expand the space or turn a spacious room into a cozy corner for a family holiday.

Decorative 3D panels are fastened closely to each other, but there are technical gaps between them. To achieve the effect of the most flat surface, you should apply paint to the surface in a tone. Decorative panels with a picture can be ordered for painting.

Most designs can be connected to a continuous flow, both in the horizontal and in the vertical direction. This feature allows you to create a composition on any part of the wall.


We make our goods ourselves and you buy it at the manufacturer's price, which saves your money;
Our catalog of 3D panels includes more than 100 drawings;
The design of the models provided is always up-to-date, the assortment is often updated.