Wall flexible infrared heater - picture

Infrared heaters wall - the picture is a flexible sheet in the form of paintings , which provides excellent heating room.

Due to the special new technology, infrared film heaters have considerable efficiency . That this is a major advantage over conventional heating systems.

The heater has a basis carboxylic yarn (carbon fiber cords of high thermal conductivity) . Carbon filament has enhanced mechanical strength and extremely high efficiency.

This heater is intended for topical (local) heating. He will warm your working, sleeping or resting place, warm the baby while working at the computer or homework exercises and will create warmth and comfort in the bathroom ! Weight of heater-picture is 750 grams, you can take it to the office, the warehouse, the store ... It will be useful wherever difficult (for various reasons) the installation of a stationary heater.

Infrared film obogrevatel- picture - portable and convenient to use. You can quickly and easily move it to a place convenient for you heated room.

For our heater allowable indoor humidity - 95%. Therefore, it can be very useful next to the bathroom and shower.

And in the warm season, the heater is easily rolled up and removed before the next heating season. In this case, storage space required quite a bit.

Power-heater pattern is 400 watts, but actually corresponds to the amount of heat convector 1200W standard. Thus the cost of its operation is low, at 8-10 stotinki per hour (depending on the time of day and tariffs in the region). That is, it consumes energy is 4-5 times less than conventional heaters.

Infrared film wall heater generates soft heat for local heating in the premises to 14 m2.

Infrared heat beneficial effect on the entire human body: it improves blood circulation and cell activity of the human body , has a calming effect on the nervous system.

 He will serve you for a very long time - at least 60,000 hours , you only need to follow the simple rules:

- should not close the front side;

- Do not dry things on it;

- include only the heater into a working power outlet;

- Do not bend the heating sheet.


Like any other electrical appliance, wall heater during operation should be under control!

Water entering the heater onto the web is not critical, but is not desirable; important thing is to remain dry electrical contacts under the bottom strap.

The heater provides gentle heat without drying the air, keeping the oxygen level in the room , which is very important for people with respiratory system and children.

When the infrared heater, paintings on the windows is no condensation, which greatly reduces the likelihood of mold growth on the walls of the room.

Since the surface temperature of not more than 75 ° C, the heater-picture may not cause burns during its operation. The health of children and pets you can have peace of mind.

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