Why do we need dosimeters?

If someone seems to think that the radiation is somewhere far away and does not concern him at all, then this is a very real error.

In the modern world there is nothing impossible, and to be absolutely protected - it will not work. Radiation is not necessarily just Chernobyl, nuclear weapons, nuclear reactors and stations. With radiation, we come across in everyday life - at airports, at a radiologist's reception or even just going out into the street - after all, there is a natural radiation background. We are not affected by nature, but it is possible to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the increased level of radiation. And help in this dosimeters.

The source of radiation can be anything. This is the lens of the camera, dishes, computer equipment, a car, a mobile phone, food - yes, much more. Little of what materials they were made or next to what they were. In total, and not foresee. There is a danger - this is modern reality. After all, the main thing for business is profit, everything else is a formality.
Dosimeters are real helpers in the fight against the invisible enemy. These devices will help to identify the source of radiation on time, until the irreparable happened. Measurement range of household appliances - from 10 to 10 thousand microroentgen per hour (0.1 -100 microsieverts per hour).
The dimensions of modern portable dosimeters are comparable to those of mobile phones. The device can determine the level of radiation in a few seconds. All you need is to bring it to the object of interest, and after the sound signal is heard, the display will show the value of the radiation. It's easy and convenient to use. No additional knowledge is required. Many devices can be used not only in everyday conditions, but also by people who have direct contact with radiation sources.

There are quite a number of models on the market. The choice is unequivocally. One of the novelties can be called an indicator-indicator of gamma radiation - a watch-dosimeter. An excellent solution, for example, for tourists.

Compact size and ease of use of the dosimeter (Geiger counter) - one of its main advantages. Buying a home dosimeter - is becoming more and more necessary in our age of new and dangerous technologies. And this is a reasonable precaution. No one will think of you except yourself. Nobody will hang signs - "Danger of radiation." Here we must defend ourselves.

The main danger is that the radiation operates from under the draft. It can not be seen and impossible to sense, but it exists. Emanations lie in wait for us everywhere. A person does not have a special sense organ, which would perceive radiation or an electromagnetic field, for example. We can only trust the instruments.

You can live for decades in the contaminated territory, the house - and not to guess about it. Only gradually begin to refuse to work normally internal organs, failures occur in the cardiovascular system, oncological diseases develop. Usually, these ailments are written off for anything, anything - bad habits, wrong way of life, bad food and water, heredity. No one can assume that somewhere near there is a source of radiation - a source of "invisible", but bringing real problems.
The raised radiation background is an occasion to think seriously and begin to solve the problem. Even a metal object made of radioactive material, which is the size of a thimble, can be detrimental to health. The half-life of certain substances is hundreds of years.

The natural background radiation is 10-15 microroentgen per hour. If 16 is also considered the norm. But if the figure is above 20, it's time to sound an alarm. With this do not joke!

Those who came into contact with radiation are divided into irradiated and affected. Status can be determined by blood. If now the person does not bother, the irradiation can affect in the future.

On the territory of the former Soviet Union, household dosimeters only became widespread after the Chernobyl disaster in 1986. Until now, they were used only for scientific or military purposes.

The dosimeter is the simplest and most accessible method for measuring the level of radiation, and at the same time, a reliable way to protect yourself and others from an invisible danger.

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