Use audio and video to protect rights. Highlights.

Use audio and video to protect rights. Highlights.
Audio and video recording, remote monitoring and control devices can be used to obtain and record evidence for the court

BugHunter BH-03 Expert RF Signal Detector with a Frequency Meter - starsvery well designed and engineered product

A modified version of the professional bug detector - "BugHunter Professional BH-03 Expert", equipped with a frequency meter that automatically detects the operating frequency of spyware, and an improved noise filtering system in all commonly used bands.

"Winter" test of "SICH" hemostatic tourniquet

Another "winter" test of the hemostatic turnstile of the latest generation "SICH" brand from the Ukrainian manufacturer. In this case, the task is to test the tool to combat massive bleeding for strength in different conditions.

Dosimeter-radiometer TERRA-P for which the product Ekotest is needed

According to the World Nuclear Association, there are 438 nuclear reactors in the world today (15 in Ukraine), and another 143 are planned to open.

Film infrared wall-mounted heater-picture - what is it for?

The heater picture is a modern infrared heater with a high-quality image that will not only heat the room, but will also become an integral part of its interior

How does a personal radiation Dosimeter (meter) work?

Ever since a person began to use the energy contained in an atom, for all mankind, especially in large populated and developed countries, there is a danger ofradiation contamination.

Wall flexible infrared heater - picture

Infrared heaters wall - the picture is a flexible sheet in the form of paintings , which provides excellent heating room.

Examples of radioactive scrap

Radiation in scrap metal

Gypsum 3d wall panel - from making to drying

At the initial stage of the organization of own production it is necessary to adhere to certain requirements that are established to significantly reduce the manifestation of errors in the manufacture, as well as the marriage of finished products. It's not for nothing that they say that it's better to learn from other people's mistakes.

DKG-21 (gamma radiation dosimeter is individual) Ecotest CARD

DKG-21 is an individual dosimeter in the form of a credit card. DKG-21 is used at nuclear power facilities, in physical laboratories, in healthcare facilities as an electronic direct-indicating dosimeter for the automated system of individual dosimetric monitoring of ASIDK-21, as well as a stand-alone device

Review of digital voice recorder Edic-Mini Led S51

This is not just original, but also a practical solution for a digital voice recorder.

How to apply gypsum (cement) 3D panels in the interior

Original, eco-friendly, fashionable - and this is just a small list of advantages of 3D panels, which from the outlandish innovation for the world design have become a sure trend.

Fire Responders’ Guide to Dealing With Radiation

It’s unfortunate but true – weapons of mass destruction are in the wrong hands. Today, the probability of a fire respondent being called upon to tackle situations where fires are caused by anti-state elements using advanced weaponry, are much common than what you’d realize. For any job that puts you in a situation of life risk to you, your colleagues, and several others, there’s no such thing as over preparing.

Manufacture, installation and painting of gypsum products.

The process of making the panel is very easy, because gypsum and fiberglass are added to the mold. Panels from gypsum quickly harden, and for a day you can make about ten square meters.

Measuring Radiation

Radiation measurement has two aspects: Measuring radiation activity (or strength) and measuring its effect on humans.

Why do we need personal radiation detectors

For anybody working in a field with risks of exposure to radiation, it’s supremely important to understand the basics of choosing appropriate devices for measurements. Getting an idea of the intensity of radiations is the first step of planning on safe operations.

Handheld MICRO DEVICE Selective RF Detector Raksa iDet transmitter detection

Highly professional field indicator, detects almost all kinds of analogue and digital radio devices operating in the frequency range from 40 to 3800 MHz . It can be "bugged", wireless cameras, cellular and cordless phones, and other devices equipped with radio transmitters.

Why do we need dosimeters?

If someone seems to think that the radiation is somewhere far away and does not concern him at all, then this is a very real error.

Stone and tile for paths in the country or near the house

Stone and tile for paths in the country or near the house
Why is tile for garden paths, as well as artificial stone very popular?

Professional high-sensitivity dosimeter STORA-TU Gamma, Beta Radiation Radiometer-Dosimeter RKS-01

A compact search device with telescopic tube for quick detection and localization of gamma and beta radiation sources.

Fastest, Safest, Most Effective Prehospital Field Si4 Tourniquet SICH Military medical emergency First Aid


Smallest digital voice recorder - Guinness World Records 2017

In their new development item TS-Market surpassed their own record listed in the Guinness Book of Records (Edic-mini Tiny A31 - 29x15x12 mm)

Cadmium – new gamma and neutron PRD

We are pleased to introduce a brand new high-sensitivity search dosimeter DKS-02PN Cadmium

Dosimeter radiometr Terra-P video guide

We are glad to introduce our new video which demonstrates the capabilities of the Terra-P dosimeter-radiometer. It will help the users to quickly start working with the device.

Audio-organaizyer business person

Where ever you are, all your thoughts recorded with this miniature digital device, will be there and available for playback at any time.