Ecosystem SOEKS F4 (Ecovisor) nitrate meter, dosimeter, EM field indicator, water tester

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The device refers to 4-in-1 devices, replacing a radiation dosimeter, a nitrate tester, an electromagnetic radiation meter and a water quality detector.

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  • The universal device 4-in-1. The built-in nitrate meter will help to determine the safety of food products (meat, vegetables, fruits, children's purees), the water hardness meter will tell you its safety for health, the dosimeter will help to identify radiation objects (walls of buildings, things, food), and an electromagnetic detector will detect harmful electrical appliances.
  • Composite Probe. To more accurately measure the level of nitrates in products, the device received a new type of probe, which measures not in one, but in several points of the product. In addition, for the nitrate test at different temperatures, a thermocompensator is built into the probe, which makes it possible to obtain accurate data not only at room temperature. Now you can measure nitrates even in rare products, which is due to the presence in the device of an expanded base of products with a maximum content of nitrates.
  • Color touch screen. With this display, you can easily turn on the desired mode of operation and configure the device. All clearly and simply!
  • Built-in microUSB-port. This universal connector will recharge the device from the network adapter or any USB-port, as well as update the firmware of the device and exchange statistical data with the computer.
Nitrate tester. The instrument can be automatically started in the nitrate meter mode when removing the cover from the measuring probe. After that, it remains to select from the list in the menu the product that you are going to check for the level of nitrates and insert the probe into it. Based on the results of the measurement, the value of the concentration of nitrates is displayed on the screen of the ecovisor, as well as a message as to whether their level in this product is exceeded. In addition, the screen is highlighted with various colors: green, yellow or red, which corresponds to a normal, slightly overpriced or highly overrated nitrate level. Thus, you do not have to carry formulas with you to calculate the safe concentration of nitrates in various products, it will be enough to look at the display device to decide whether to use a particular product.
Radiation dosimeter. When this mode is turned on, the value of the radiation background level or accumulated radiation dose is displayed on the instrument display. You do not need to remember which radiation levels are safe for health. Depending on the level of radiation, the background color of the screen can be green, yellow or red, which corresponds to a normal, elevated and greatly overestimated radiation level. You will only have to look at the screen to decide for yourself whether it is worth buying a particular product or approaching objects.
Meter of electromagnetic field. In this mode, the value of magnetic and electric fields, which can have a negative effect on the body, is displayed on the device screen. To determine the degree of danger of electromagnetic radiation, you only need to choose the type of object to be measured: a dwelling, a living area, an electric appliance, or use the viewing mode. In the first three modes, the measured values will be highlighted in red with an excessively high value of the electromagnetic field. Thus, you can protect yourself from potentially dangerous electrical appliances or avoid being in a non-hazardous environment.
Water quality meter. This mode allows you to assess the level of water hardness by the concentration of solids in it. Simply lower the probe into the water so that the stiffness value and an informative message about how safe this water is: soft, medium hard water or hard water appear on the screen. These messages are duplicated by the background illumination of the screen (green, yellow and red), which simplifies the perception of information. Thus, you can easily determine the suitability of water for drinking, watering plants, use in household appliances (washing machines, heaters, etc.), as well as the efficiency of water filters.


Measurement range:  
  • nitrate content
  • level of impurities in water
  • radioactive background level
  • magnetic field / electric field strength
  • electric field frequency
  • from 20 to 5000 mg / kg;
  • up to 5000 ppm (mg / l);
  • up to 1000 μSv / h;
  • from 0.1 to 25 μT / 10 to 5000 V / m
  • from 20 to 2000 Hz
The lower gamma radiation detection limit 0.1 MeV
Measurement error:  
  • nitrate content
  • level of impurities in water
  • magnetic field / electric field strength
  • ± 12%;
  • ± 12%;
  • ± 18%
Temperature compensation range:  
  • nitrate content
  • level of impurities in water
  • from 0 to 30 ° C;
  • 0 to 30 ° C
Range of warning:  
  • radiation background excess
  • excess of accumulated dose
  • from 0.1 to 100 μSv / h;
  • from 0,1х10 6 to 1 Sv
Display color touch TFT, resolution 320x240 pixels.
DC Power Supply Voltage from 2.2 to 3.5 V (two AAA batteries)

Duration of work without recharging

up to 24 hours (including sleep mode)

terms of Use temperature from 0 to +40 ° С
dimensions 147х54х21 mm
Weight not more than 95 grams


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