Edic-mini Ray A36 2GB

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Edic-mini Ray A36 - the world's first voice recorder with antenna pattern. 

We have positioned our voice recorders as a means of personal safety that can make a quality suitable for the identification, recording in any environment. To do this, we try to make our voice recorders as compact as possible, so that they are always there with a maximum sensitivity,with special markers confirming the accuracy of the recording. 

When recording in noisy, echoing room from a distance can not achieve the required quality of the recording using conventional tape recorders with 1-2 microphones. The problem is that, when recording a considerable distance recorder records not only the useful signal but also ambient noise, sound reflections. This interference increases quadratically according to the distance from the sound source at a distance of several meters can mute the useful signal. The only solution - to generate the radiation pattern at the source of the useful signal, the maximum silencing signal from other directions. 

To be able to form a pattern in the recorder Edic-mini Ray A36 applied 8 microphones, forming a so-called phased array (similar to that used in radars). 
The use of 8 microphones also reduces approximately 2.5raza self-noise microphones. As a result, the gain in the use as a recording microphone 8 may be from 2 to 6ti (depending on the recording conditions) as compared with the recorder with a single microphone. 

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In Edic-mini Ray A36 provides multiple recording modes: 

8-ch RAW - recorded signal from each microphone, which will continue using the supplied c recorder program SoundProcessor form a pattern of the desired signal or to generate a fixed radiation pattern at any destination. 
For example, writing in the courtroom with a source of ambient noise (air, noise from the street from the window, etc.). Processing record in SoundProcessor, you can set the desired beam pattern on the speaker, while cutting off extraneous noise. 

Stereo1 - record two channels at the extreme left and the extreme right microphones. This mode is needed when a large stereo base and the source is not noisy. 

Stereo2 - microphones are divided into 2 groups of 4 microphones. Allows for stereo recording with an enhanced stereo effect than conventional stereo tape recorders and microphones 2 times less noise. 

High S / N - 8 microphones signals are summed in one channel. Recording is carried out aimed at a fixed direction and with a noise level of 2.5 times less than that of voice recorders with a microphone. You can use the same terms as the 8-ch RAW, but with a sound source which does not change its position, such as a lecturer in the audience. 

As in profile - is used to record a microphone, and use the low power consuming 16 bit audio.This minimizes the consumption of the recording mode the recorder that allows to achieve maximum autonomy recording (up to 350 hours). Also in this mode, the mode is available voice-activated VAS and AGC. Mode for everyday use. 

Voice Recorder Edic-mini Ray A36 is equipped with a high-contrast OLED-display. 

In the recording mode (profile As in profile) in the top line of the display shows various useful information: 

- The amount of memory (in hours at the current compression mode) 

- Sampling frequency \ compression type alternates with the current time, 

- The level of battery charge. 

In standby mode (standby mode it) in the blue region of the screen displays a clock, the form of which can be configured in the program RecManager. 

The recorded information can be heard at the recorder (via built-in speaker or using a standard stereo headphones), or download to a PC using RecManager. 

While listening to a recording on the recorder comfortably control playback using buttons and, if necessary, to remove unnecessary recording without downloading it to your computer. 


Detailed specifications Edic-mini Ray A36

Technical specifications
overall dimensions 98 x 35 x 9 mm
weight 40 grams
housing material metal
body color
  • black
recording source
  • 8 built-in microphones
playback of recordings - In stereo 
- Via the built-in speaker 
- Via PC
PC connection USB SPI (up to 2.25 MB / s)
Indicator color OLED-display
management 4 button switch
The frequency characteristics  - Built-in microphone sensitivity: up to 17 meters 
- S / N ratio: -72 dB 
- Bandwidth recording 100-10000 Hz.
audio codec 16-bit
recording mode 4 Profile: 
- As in profile (Custom) 
- 8-ch RAW 
- Stereo (type 2 stereo) 
- High S / N
audio format after conversion wav
Compression method - Uncompressed 
- U-Law, 
- ADPCM 4 bit, 
- ADPCM 2-bit.
sampling Up to 40 kHz
built-in gain  
operating temperature from 0 to +50 ° C
more features
  • timestamp (the ability to listen to and transfer data to a PC, indicating the beginning and end of the record)
  • 4 recording profile
  • record during charging,
  • Voice Activation System VAS,
  • write protection password
  • Timer: Daily and single,
  • possibility of use as a Flash-ROM,
  • linear or circular recording
  • system of digital markers (for the determination of unauthorized entry edit)
medium built-in Flash-Memory
Memory hours 
(At 8 kHz sampling rate and compression of 2-bit ADPCM)
300h (2Gb), 600h (4Gb), 1200h (8Gb)
power supply Li-Pol battery 520 mAh
operating time of the battery
  • recording mode (sampling rate of 8 kHz, no compression) to 300 hours
  • in record mode with VAS audio signal below a threshold: up to 12 days;
  • in standby mode (in the dark on a single charge): Up to 3 years
Battery charging time Up to 3 hours from the USB port of your computer
Warranty 1 year
  • voice recorder;
  • Adapter USB-SPI;
  • earphone;
  • brief instructions for use;
  • warranty card;
  • packing box.


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