Edic-mini Tiny16/Tiny16+

To record in difficult listening situations, and from a distance

All recorders Series (firmware version is not below 3.3) have a special system of protection against counterfeiting recording and editing!

  • substantially improved recording quality due to a more accurate signal sampling from a 16-bit codec and the application of the automatic gain control (AGC)
  • high sensitivity of the microphone (12 meters)
  • models are available in an exclusive deluxe version
  • digital signature recorded video
  • all records are password-protected
  • not inhibited by protection devices record

Automatic Gain Control (AGC)
In voice recorders Edic-mini Tiny16 + possible to control the level of sound recording. Loud sounds without distortion can make quieter, and quiet - on the contrary strengthened. Thus such a correction can be made either manually (by appropriate settings in the software) and automatically. There are 5 types of AGC for the record:


  • in a small quiet room
  • a little noisy environment
  • in a large quiet room
  • Big noisy environment
  • outdoors