A distinctive feature is the combination of a large needle surface and a comfortable needle pitch of 6.2 mm, which ensures maximum exposure to any part of the body, as well as versatility and convenience during use.

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Applicator Lyapko flat "Rug Large" 6.2 Ag - size 560 x 290 mm, needle pitch - 6.2 mm, number of needles : 4538.

Composition: iron, copper, nickel, zinc, silver - 12.5%, rubber for medical purposes.

Colors: blue, red, orange, green.

A distinctive feature is the combination of a large needle surface and a comfortable needle pitch of 6.2 mm, which provides maximum exposure to any part of the body, as well as versatility and convenience during use.

The multi-needle applicator  "Rug MAKS" 6.2  is currently the largest of all Lyapko's mat applicators. It has the largest area of ​​influence, due to which it has a high therapeutic efficiency. Thanks to its large area of ​​560 × 290 mm, it covers almost the entire length of the spine during the procedure.

Recommended for use as a back applicator (acupressure mat). The mat is used for treatment in the supine position in cases of prevention and complex therapy of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Such diseases include, among others: symptoms of cervical rhinitis (sciatic, brachial, femoral), discopathy, protrusion and herniated intervertebral disc, degenerative changes, post-traumatic conditions, myalgia, curvature of the spine and many others. It also works great as a foot massage mat (in a seated position). The MAX mat can also be used while lying on your stomach. This type of treatment is recommended for prophylactic purposes and in the complex therapy of diseases of the digestive system. These conditions include, but are not limited to: constipation, colic,biliary dyskinesia, obesity (deposition of fatty tissue around the abdomen).

The MAX 6.2 mat can also be used as a therapy mat for foot reflexology treatment. This massage should be performed in a sitting position. Reflexology improves the functioning of organs and internal systems. They are also great for stimulating blood circulation.

Large mat Lyapko for abdominal massage works well in the prevention and complex therapy of diseases of the digestive system. Helps in the fight against constipation, intestinal colic, biliary dyskinesia and obesity.

Mat MAKS Dr. Lyapko, due to its great therapeutic and rehabilitation capabilities, is one of the best applicators of Lyapko mats.

With such a large Lyapko rug, the correct position on it is an important condition for successful treatment and the absence of discomfort. As a result, the relative uncomfortable sensations of the first minutes are replaced by sensations of pleasant warmth. Usually we begin to feel pleasant vibrations or pulsations. And often the whole procedure ends with a full, healthy sleep. Be sure to place small terry towels or rolled pillows under the mat at the folds of your lumbar and cervical spine.

If discomfort occurs within 10-15 minutes, the applicator should be used again, preferably the next day. The causes of discomfort can be: incorrect position of the applicator, i.e. uneven load on the needles.

To relieve discomfort, you should lift the applicator and lie on it again, after placing a soft roller under the knee joints.

The time of the session, that is, the time of exposure to the applicator (lying on it), is closely related to obtaining the desired (necessary) effect:

  • for toning, pain relief in acute pain, to increase efficiency and blood pressure in case of hypotension - approximately 7-10 minutes;
  • to relieve or even eliminate long-term chronic pain, lower blood pressure, relaxing and hypnotic effect - about 15-30 minutes or longer

Everyone has different skin sensitivities, so the time to apply the applicator will be different for each person. The decisive factor in completing the procedure, especially when using a multi-needle applicator for relaxation or relieving long-term chronic pain, will be the penetrating heat at the site of application and the gradually emerging feeling of discomfort. Some people can complete the procedure even within 2 hours.

The recommended duration of therapy (systematic daily procedures) is 1-2 weeks. It can be repeated after a 10-14 day break. In practice, using the applicator every day, within a few months, you can count on a stable improvement in well-being, chronic pain relief, weight loss, increased vitality and body performance.

When used individually, the Lyapko applicator does not need to be disinfected. Hygienic care of it includes: treatment with a washing solution (shampoo, liquid soap), rinsing with running water and drying with a stream of hot air (using a hair dryer). With proper care, the service life of the applicator is 5 - 7 years.

The use of flat applicators is an effective and comfortable way to eliminate pain, relieve fatigue, and in the morning recharge with vital energy for the whole day.

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