FoodTester-G Analyzer of cesium isotopes activity in food

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The device is designed to detect cesium radioisotopes in food products and to assess their specific and volumetric activity. It can also be used to control the level of radiation background in the air, radiation contamination of soil, household items.

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For your convenience, we have made recommendations on how to carry out measurements of food products using “FoodTester-G”. Follow these recommendations to make measurements correctly and get accurate results.

Purpose of use

  • Measurement of ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) of gamma radiation.
  • Detection of cesium isotopes in food products along with evaluation of their specific and volume activities.
  • Detection of cesium isotopes in soils along with evaluation of their specific, volume and surface activities.

Groups of food products to be tested

Soil types to be tested
  • Mobile, practical.
  • No special training of the user is required, operates in the interactive mode.
  • No certain container for a food product is required, takes measurements by being put to the food product.
  • No special preparation of the food product is required (the food stays inside the container/packing).
  • No special protection is required.


Components of FoodTester-G

  • detecting unit based on the scintillation detector of gamma radiation (CsI - scintillator-photodiode)
  • Android device* (a smartphone or a tablet PC which runs the Android™ operating system) with the installed specialized software.

*Android is a trademark of Google Inc.

Data communication is done via the Bluetooth channel.


Android device technical requirements:

  • Built-in Bluetooth module;
  • Android 2.1 version or later;
  • Screen resolution: 320x480, 480x800, 540x960 or 720x1280;
  • Touch screen.



  Measurement range of cesium isotopes activity in food products (at ambient radiation background level, not more than 0.15 μSv/h) and in soils Bq/kg 50* - 150 000
  Measurement range of gamma radiation ambient dose equivalent rate (DER) μSv/h 0,1 – 100,0
  Indication range of pulse count rate from the device’s detector cps 1 – 9999
  Main relative permissible error limit in gamma radiation DER measurement with 0.662 MeV energy and confidence probability of 0.95 % 15+1/H*(10), 

where H*(10) - a measured value of DER in μSv/h
  Time of operating mode setting of the device, not more than min 1
  Time of continuous operation of the device’s detector, not more than h 40
  Operating temperature range of the device’s detector °ะก -20…+50
  Dimensions of the device’s detector, not more than mm 111x36x83
  Weight of the device’s detector, not more than kg 0,325
  Dimensions of the Android device, not more than** mm 135x65x10
  Weight of the Android device, not more than ** kg 0,14
  Weight of the device kit in a packing box, not more than kg 1,8

*One can measure an activity lower than 50 Bq/kg under condition that the tested object has optimum size (minimum ca 25 cm in all directions), or if the detector is located between the two optimum-sized packages. 

**Weight and dimensions of the Android device (a smartphone or a tablet PC) may vary with its type. 


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