Gamma Radiation Warning Device aGent-R

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Detection of the increased levels of gamma radiation and their estimation by means of the four-level threshold alarm system.

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  • Wrist warning device.
  • Non-stop performance control of the warning device.
  • LED and vibrating alarm of threshold levels exceeding with the option to turn off the vibrating alarm.
  • Non-stop performance control of the built-in Geiger-Muller counter.
  • Manual control of the built-in vibration instrument and residual capacity of batteries with the corresponding LED indication.
  • Periodic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity becomes less than 10 %.
  • Automatic vibrating and LED alarm when residual battery capacity is less than 5 %, with the following switching-off of the warning device.
  • Two batteries of АААА type.
  • Shock-resistant plastic body with the IP67 ingress protection rating.



  • Dynamic range of gamma radiation registration from 10 μR/hour to 1000 R/hour;
  • Energy range of gamma radiation registration from 0.05 to 3.0 MeV;
  • Threshold level values of gamma radiation dose rate:
       - 100 μR/hour
       - 1,0 mR/hour
       - 100 mR/hour
       - 10 R/hour
  • Relative error of threshold levels determination ± 25 %;
  • Time of continuous operation from new batteries not less than 1300 hours*;
  • Operating temperatures range from – 20 °С to + 50 °С;
  • Weight, not more than 80 g;
  • Dimensions without a strap, not more than 55х55х27 mm;
  • Mean time to failure, not less than 6000 hours;
  • Mean service life, not less than 6 years;
  • Mean shelf life, not less than 6 years.

* provided that background radiation is normal (less than 100 μR/hour), ambient air temperature is within 20±2°С, and the battery is tested not more than 3 times per 24 hours.



  • “aGent-R” gamma radiation warning device;
  • batteries;
  • operating manual;
  • packing box.


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