GSM SCANNER BH-02 BugHunter Professional Highly sensitivity Scanner Hidden Camera

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Professional Detector bugs, hidden wireless surveillance cameras, cell phones, radios, microphones. Detects both analog and digital devices.

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Advantages of the detector bugs BH -2 compared with the previous model.

1) Built-in GSM filter. Today, you can find anywhere in the GSM tower - and in large cities and in small towns. Certainly, it is good for a mobile phone, but difficult to find bugs. GSM left are powerful sources of signal and interfere in the ether. Being near them, even the most professional device to search for bugs will not recognize the spy equipment, as will interfere with the radio. The new device model BH-02 take this into account and now are built in GSM filter that minimizes interference from mobile towers. So you can use the device to search for bugs even in close proximity to the towers. This feature greatly expands the scope of the device and improves the quality of detection of bugs.

Increased dynamic range (48 dB). Dynamic range - one of the most important parameters of the detector beetles, as well as the sensitivity of the device. The wider the range, the better ustroytsvo detecting signals of high or low power. This feature is useful in cases where a number of, for example, is a powerful source (mobile phone) and light source (almost all kinds of bugs).

New design. When designing engineers take into account the comments of customers and improved ergonomics and ease of use.

Fully meet the stated parameters of the device. We guarantee that the device to search for bugs hundred percent is equal to its parameters.

Quality assembly. The device is assembled by hand from high-quality components of known manufacturers.

Operating range from 50 to 3000 MHz. The device to search for bugs covers the entire frequency range, which employs the vast majority of devices for covert surveillance and wiretapping. There is a built-in and external antenna. Stable work on the entire frequency range. The innovative technology used in the device, are stable at all frequencies without failure.

The high sensitivity of the instrument. Antizhuchok has ultra-high sensitivity of 50 mV / m.Because of this bug with a standard power 5mW device detects early as five meters and a powerful mobile phone signal from 50 meters. For example: most of the instruments, which are represented in the Ukrainian market, has a sensitivity of 100 mV / m, so the quality of detection 2 times worse.The device detects perfectly both digital and analog bugs.

Automatic adjustment to background radiation. This parameter allows the device does not respond to the background radiation, which is in virtually any room. The device detects a signal from the bugs.

Operating temperature range. The device can be used at temperatures from minus 30 to plus 80 degrees Celsius.

Can connect headphones and a hidden warning. Now you can control the situation, regardless of others.

Modes of operation of the detector bugs BagHanter BH-02

  1. Search mode. Use light and sound display. The closer the unit is to the source signal, the level indicator will be higher. The level of sensitivity is adjustable.
  2. Protection mode. The selected mode "protection" device to search for bugs switches to low power consumption and automatically adjusts the sensitivity. BH-02 automatically adjust to the current radio environment and in case of bugs will alert you with an audible or visual alarm (depending on the selected settings).
  3. Akustozavyazki mode. Akustozavyazka used to search for analog hidden microphones. The detector sounds an alarm bugs and bug catches these sounds sends a response to the broadcast. Distributed suites - bug gives its location.

Technical characteristics

  • Operating frequency range, MHz: 50-3000
  • Sensitivity mV / m, at least 50
  • DB dynamic range, not less than 45
  • The detection range of the transmitter 5 mW m: 5
  • The detection range of the mobile phone, m: 50
  • Dimensions: 105 x 58 x 18


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