Infrared Heater Image Lotos, Flexible Wall-Hung Heating Panel 400W

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The functional design is the outstanding feature infra-Red heating panels.

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  • Gives mild heat without drying air and burning oxygen (surface temperature not more than 65 ℃)
  • It takes up little space and easily collapses
  • Consumes 3-4 times less energy than conventional heaters (consumption - 400 W)
  • Compact and easy to sort (weighs about 0.7kg)
  • Does not harm a person, does not leave burns
  • Safe: protection class ||
  • Can be used in wet and damp rooms
  • Aesthetic: your guests will not even understand that a nice picture on the wall is a heater
  • Supplied in practical reusable packaging
  • Designed for a small room 10-12m2 (in this room raises the temperature by 6-8 degrees in a few hours)


The functional design is the outstanding feature infra-Red heating panels. They integrate into any environment by mounting onto a wall like a picture or indeed into the ceiling and emphasize your taste in interior design. The heating systems combine all the positive characteristics of the infrared heating technology combined with elegance and your personal touch.

An infrared heating panel can be easily mounted on to the wall, without using up to much space.
Each space can be operated separately. So you can make the panels work in the spaces when someone is present. If the room is empty then the use of unnecessary energy can be saved by turning the heating panel off. Perfect for heating up office space.

Another example, a bathroom should always be a little warmer than the rest of your home. For this infrared panels are quite suitable. The warmth of the infralia panels is felt immediately and provides a pleasant feeling of warmth. A heating panel can be operated via a switch or even via a timer. If nobody uses the bathroom, the heating panel does’t need to work. The use of unnecessary energy can be saved this way.

For use in the home, office, school, University, bar, club, cafe, restaurant, garage, workshop, canteen, saunas, gym, boat/marine, shop, sports hall, care homes, hotel rooms, halls of residence, church, garden room, home office, corridors, reception areas – Any room/space that requires warming.


  • Heater area: 0,6 m2.
  • The surface temperature is not more than 65 ° C
  • Rated current consumption: 1.8 A.
  • Heating time to operating temperature: 1 min.
  • The resource of work: 60 000 hours.
  • Power: 400 Watts.
  • Voltage: 220 V - EU PLUG - for US-UK-AU plug-adapter in box
  • Weight: 0.74 kg.
  • Dimensions: 100 x 57 cm.
  • Dimensions in the package: 570 x 100 x 100 mm.
  • Dimensions in the unpacked form: 1000 x 570 mm
  • Material of the upper layer: a film of PVC laminades.
  • Material straps holders: beech, spire.



Our Wall mounted Infrared heating panels are the ultimate solution for direct Far Infrared Heat projection with high performance :

■ You don’t need to heat up the whole room air. A 4℃ lower room temperature gives you the same warm feeling compared to a 4℃ higher convection heating or floor heating;

■ With a high level installation, the heat radiation comes from an open overhead space and directly projects on all room objects’ surface, like sofa, walls, floor…etc., which are capable to absorb and stock up the infrared energy. Within hours these objects will slowly and gently release the stocked energy back to the room space, from the floor to the ceiling, and maintain the room warm during a long period.

■ Our technology gives immediate warmth and an even heat energy distribution all over the room. This is a proven advantage, compared to convection heat, which first heats the ceiling and then the floor space.

■ By turning a connected switch, our heating technology works as a lamp: When we need light, we switch on the lamp; when we don’t, we switch off and no energy will be consumed. Same story for our heating panels: When you need warmth, you switch on; when you don’t, you switch off. No energy will be consumed then anymore.

■ Constant-stay areas are the places where people will spend more time daily, such as living room (sofa) , bathroom, kitchen area, study room, bedroom; etc. The inconstant-stay areas are where people seldom stay, such as hallway.
We advice to install our infrared panel heaters on places where the heat is projected in these constant-stay areas. It will give you the maximum benefit of energy-saving when you have a warm home!



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