Non-linear junction detector LORNET

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Nonlinear locator " lornet " is used to identify the specific hardware and other devices containing semiconductors, during search operations in indoor, outdoor and transport.

" Lornet " features automatic frequency selection (in the range 880-906 MHz ), and can work in a concentrated interference . But the main feature of this model - its size and weight (less than 1 kg), which provides the ability to work in tight spaces and with limited space ( antenna thickness less than 35 mm).

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  • Kind of a probing signal - pulse, continuous
  • Signal strength Imp. / Na. - 10/0, 3 W
  • Sensitivity (for second and third harm.) - Better than -110 dBm (-140 dBW)
  • The signal frequency (range) - 890 - 891 MHz (frequency range from 0.2 MHz is carried out automatically by the criterion of minimum interference in the path of the receiver second harmonic)
  • The radiated power is controlled automatically - in pulsed mode
  • The radiated power is controlled by hand - in pulsed and continuous modes in the range of 20 dB in 3 dB steps
  • Adjust the attenuator receivers - 15dB in steps of 3dB
  • The possibility of auditory control on the built-in speaker or wireless headphones - separated 2 or 3 harmonics
  • Playtime on internal LI-ION battery with max. probing signal power (p / na) - not less than 4.3 / 1.8 hour
  • Opening hours from 220V when connected to the charger - no less than 16 hours
  • Dimensions / transportation - 57h22h12 / cm 100h15h4
  • Full weight of the product in working condition - less than 1,000 grams
  • Operating Temperature - +5 ... +40 ° C

The main competitive advantages:

  • The presence of both pulsed and continuous modes of operation.
  • Small size and weight of the product.
  • Easy to use, the ability to use the product as of the inspection.
  • The presence of the automatic and manual change the power of the probing signal
  • Using the latest technology and materials, ergonomics.
  • High detection capacity (to the best samples).
  • The use of wireless headphones
  • Ability to work in tight spaces, and space is limited (the thickness of the antenna does not exceed 18 mm).

The kit includes:

  • LORNET product with built-in battery (LI-ION) battery
  • Becprovodnaya headset (receiver with headphones)
  • LORNET charger from the 220V
  • AC adapter for receiver
  • Bag packing for storage and shipment of the product


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