How can you make the order?

1. How to place an order.
You can place your order in two ways.
a) with "baskets" directly in the store (method described below)
b) by telephone.

Order with "baskets" allows you to fully control the process. By entering your e-mail and password you chose during registration, you will have access to the status of your order. You will be able to control the receipt of our payment, your order to you, the date of receipt of the order, the history of all previous orders. In addition, registered customers have discounts depending on quantity purchases.

If you prefer to order by phone please feel free to skip everything until paragraph 5.

Placing an order you are not buying the goods! In case of doubt as the delivered goods, you can simply refuse to purchase.

2. Select product

In our internet shop you can not only get acquainted with a wide range of high-tech electronics and accessories, but also to buy what you like.

Search for your product, you have two basic ways: You can choose an item from the catalog of goods, you can search the site by the name of the goods.

Products in the catalog have a detailed description and specifications. Available feature comparison of one category of goods with each other - for this, click next to the product "Compare" button, opens a window of comparison, where you can add to compare two products.

In each category at the bottom of the list of goods have the ability to sort on key characteristics, as well as on each product page has links to related accessories. This will help you in choosing, easier to find accessories and save your precious time.

3. Add item to Cart

Once you have selected your product, put it in the shopping cart by clicking the Buy button, and then you get to the "Your basket". You can immediately order the delivery of selected items by clicking the "Checkout" or continue shopping. View Cart and edit it (change the quantity, delete or add the position) at any time, any place being in the shop.

In the catalog of products in our shop you can find products that you can not buy now, but you can order. These are products that are currently not in stock, but are either already in transit to us, or we have the opportunity to order and to bring them for you.

4. Ordering and delivery.

Once you have added to cart all the products that you want to buy now, click the "Checkout" (button located only in the "Shopping Cart", you can call from anywhere in the store by clicking the button above left) and fill in your contact information.

To make a purchase / order from our online store, does not require pre-registration, simply specify the contact details at the time of confirmation of your purchase / order. All completed your information will be stored and when the next purchase you will need only enter your E-mail and password that you choose yourself. Fields required are marked with *. For ease of processing purchase / store manager at the bottom of the order form online order is a field for your comments and personal wishes. We advise them to take advantage - it can significantly help to ensure that we take into account all your wishes.

Be careful when filling out fields in the order form! Be sure to include phone, which you can specify the address and convenient time of delivery.

Now we have to choose the format you require payment

and send the order (using the button "Payment").

Once we receive your order you will contact the store manager and confirm the availability of selected items in stock, but also agree with you on the most convenient time for you to deliver your purchase. If your purchase should be delivered to the office, please notify the contact person who will be entrusted with the receipt of goods.

If you do order goods, which is currently not in stock - you are making the same contact details as well as for normal purchases, but your order gets to the manager and will be saved in our database to receive the goods at the warehouse. Once a product enters the warehouse, it is automatically reserved for you, and we put you to know that the product can pay and receive.