Professional portable detector Scanner bugs, hidden cameras "BugHunter Professional CR-01" Card

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The thinnest detector professional tipsters in the world (only 5 mm thick!), Size and shape resembling a bank card.

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Modes of operation of the detector bugs and hidden cameras BugHunter Professional CR-01 "card"

3 basic modes:

  • Search mode analog signal is designed to search for analogue bugs (bugs, microphones), which emit a constant signal. When operating in this mode, the "MODE" on the control panel detector stays on.
  • Search mode digital signal provides search all modern digital monitoring devices, including mobile phones, working in a special "police" mode. When operating in this mode, the "MODE" on the control panel of the detector flashes rapidly.
  • Protection regime for constant background of the device. In this mode, the detector will automatically adjust sensitivity and scans the surrounding space for the emergence of tracking devices. If, during operation of the detector in the search mode bug on the premises has been disconnected, the protection mode will detect it as soon as it becomes operational, and time will alert the user special sound signal. The work of the detector in the armed mode indicator lights up periodically says "AK".

3 additional audio modes:

  • Buzzer mode allows the sound to determine the power of the detected tracking device. The stronger the signal, the higher frequency of emitted sound. When operating in this mode, the "AK" flashes.
  • Akustozavyazki search mode accelerates analog microphones. Operating in this mode, the detector emits a sound which detects a bug on the radio channel and transmits, it, in turn, captures the detector again. Thanks closes the loop sound is converted to a characteristic "whistle" on changing power that can quickly determine the location of the bug (the principle of "hot-cold"). When operating in this mode, the "AK" on continuously.
  • Sound off. In this mode, the detector does not emit any sound, allowing you to use the device in hidden mode.The "AC" is off.

Using a detector BugHunter CR-01 "card" as simple and requires no special skills!

In order to use the detector to search for bugs, turn it on by pressing the "VC / OFF". Pre-advised to check the battery level of the device to its enough for a session.

Search by bugs carried out systematic examination room with the included device in their hands. Do not go around the room slowly, holding the detector to all possible locations of monitoring devices at a distance of about 50 cm. Please pay special attention to the survey of doorways, walls and ceilings, moldings and cornices. Then, carefully inspect the detector pieces of furniture, bookshelves, radiators, do not forget about household items and pots of flowers, if they exist. Upon detection of suspicious large signal level output (burn all 10 LEDs) make automatic adjustment of power detector using double-tap TOUCH-stripes on the touch panel.

Always very carefully inspect the places and areas of the room where the fixed maximum radiation - somewhere near certain hidden bug. If necessary for more precise manual adjustment sensitivity of the detector by means of TOUCH-panel and include additional sound modes (for example, when searching mode akustozavyazki analog bugs).

If in the process of finding the bug analog LED indicators on the control panel of the detector will begin to flash rapidly, and not burn evenly, this means that the nearby presence of a source of pulsed radiation, and the unit should be transferred to the search mode of digital tracking devices.

Do not forget that stop the search after finding bugs one of them is not necessary - the room they may well be more.Conversely, if you manage to find one tracking device, carefully check the room again - it is quite possible you missed something. After the completion of the manual search is highly recommended to translate the detector is armed. Being in this mode, the device will signal if the traces are detected new tracking device or turn off earlier bug.

Specialists recommend site to maximize ease the process of finding bugs, you must first shut down the entire people in the room electronics (computers, household appliances, access points, Wi-Fi), as well as their own mobile phone. All these devices create unnecessary noise and do not allow the detector to operate at maximum sensitivity.

On the left side of the device has a small mechanical switch that allows you to completely turn off the detector in order to save battery power if it is not to be used for a while



  • Working frequency range - 10 ... 3500 MHz.
  • Range:
    • not less than 5 meters for "beetle" 5 mW;
    • not less than 50 meters for a cell phone.
  • Maximum sensitivity - 50 mV / m.
  • Dynamic range - 70 dB.
  • Indication - light and sound.
  • Power consumption - 0.16 V.
  • Modes of operation: 3 - core 3 - Additional Sound.
  • Power supply - built Li-Po battery 3.2 - 4.2 V, charging from the mains 220V adapter (supplied).
  • Battery check - 10 levels.
  • Dimensions - 77 x 47 x 5 mm.
  • Operating temperature range - -10 ... + 80 ° C.
  • Weight - '25

In Box:

  • Professional detector bugs and cameras BugHunter CR-01 "Card";
  • cord microUSB;
  • Power Adapter for 220 V;
  • instruction;
  • warranty card;
  • packing.


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