The electromagnetic field indicator SOEKS Impulse (NUC-078)

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Indicator of electromagnetic field SOEKS Impulse allows you to identify areas with dangerous values of magnetic and electromagnetic field strength, as well as to establish the direction of the detected fields.

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The device contains 3 orthogonally located magnetic field sensors and 3 - electric (each performs measurements in its axis, and the built-in microcomputer builds a 2D / 3D radiation pattern from which it is possible to determine the radiation source.


  • Range of measured frequencies of the electromagnetic field, Hz: 20 to 2000
  • Range of measurement of rms values of magnetic field strength (magnetic induction), A / m (μT): from 0,08 to 20 (from 0,10 to 25)
  • Limits of the permissible relative error of measuring the magnetic field strength: + -30%
  • Range of measurement of the amplitude value of the electric field strength along the X, Y axes, not less than, V / m: from 10 to 1000
  • Measurement range of root-mean-square values of electric field strength, V / m: from 17 to 1700
  • Limits of permissible relative error of measurement of electric field values: + -30
  • Frequency of measurement, times per second: 2
  • Range of supply voltage from batteries or accumulators, V: 1,8 - 3,3
  • Power supply from USB, V:4.6 - 5.5
  • Consumption current from USB, no more, mA: 300
  • Battery charging current, not more than, mA: 200
  • Time of continuous work, not less than, hours: up to 10
  • Overall dimensions (Height x Width x Thickness), mm: 105x48x19
  • Product weight (without batteries), not more than, gr .: 60
  • Display: color, TFT, 128x160
  • Operating temperature range, C: -20 to +45



Indicator Momentum
Batteries AAA (finger) - 2 pcs.
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