SUPERIUM SPINOSAD Tablet for Cats and Dogs Pill Remove Prevent Ticks and Fleas for 1.3-2.5kg

SUPERIUM Spinosad is specifically designed to protect pets throughout the year.
In the package 1 tab. Shipment of 5 packs

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SUPERIUM Spinosad is specifically designed to protect pets throughout the year. Few people think about the fact that almost 95% of all ectoparasites (in the vast majority of fleas) are on the street. They enter the entrances of high-rise buildings from the basement. And people most often bring them to the living room with the help of shoes and clothes. Here the parasites find their prey - a four-legged pet that never even went for a walk.

Ectoparasites are dangerous for animals and humans because they carry various diseases. To prevent their further spread, it is necessary to provide the pet with constant protection for the whole year. SUPERIUM Spinosad tablets will help pet owners successfully deal with this problem!

The active ingredient (Spinosad), due to its natural origin, has no side effects (with the right dosage), which makes it possible to use the tablet to protect the smallest pets - cats and puppies.

Spinosad is 100% natural (derived from the bacteria Saccharopolyspora spinosa), unlike chemically synthesized drugs.
SUPERIUM Spinosad does not cause addiction and adaptation to the active substance in parasites.
The tablet acts on fleas and their larvae, withers, as well as more than 20 varieties of other ectoparasites.

SUPERIUM Spinosad is taken with food and starts working in 30 minutes. Thanks to the sorbents in the tablet, the drug quickly removes parasite toxins from the body and solves the main problems - it removes itching, and also heals bite wounds and dermatitis.

The active substance is quickly excreted from the body of the animal and lingers in the sebaceous glands for 30 days, where it acts on fleas and other ectoparasites that are outside the pet.

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