Mildronate solution 0.5 g/5 ml, 10 ampoules of 5 ml

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Meldonium vicorist is used in the complex therapy of such illnesses:

  • disease of the heart and vascular system: stable angina pectoris, chronic heart failure (NYHA I-III functional class), cardiomyopathy, functional impairment of the heart and vascular system;
  • hostile and chronic ischemic disorders of cerebral circulation;
  • reduced pratsezdatnіst, physical and psychoemotional overstrain;
  • during the period of contraction after cerebrovascular disorders, head injuries and encephalitis.


  • fluffy speech: meldonium;
  • 5 ml (1 ampoule) mixed with meldonium dihydrate 0.5 g;
  • additional speech: water for injections.

Meldonium is pleasantly injected into atherosclerotic processes in the coronary and peripheral vessels, changing the high level of cholesterol in the blood serosa and the atherogenic index.


  • Increased sensitivity to meldonium and / or to whether there is additional speech to the drug;
  • movement of the intracranial vice (in case of damaged venous flow, intracranial puffiness);
  • heavy liver and / or nirkov insufficiency (there is no sufficient data about the safety of the infection).

Method of stosuvannya that dose

Internally. Stopping the drug does not require special preparation before administration.

In conjunction with a possible stimulating effect, the drug is recommended to be taken in the first half of the day.


The dose becomes 500 mg-1000 mg (5-10 ml) in a vein, її inject at a time or divide into two doses. The trivality of jubilation begins to sound for 10-14 days, after which the jubilation continues in the oral medicinal form.

Trivality to the rate of luvance to become 4-6 tizhniv. The course of healing can be repeated 2-3 times per river.


Congestion during pregnancy or breastfeeding


For evaluation of the meldonium influx on vaginess, development of the embryo/fetus, canopies, and postnatal development, the results on the creatures are not enough. Potentiyny rizik for people nevіdomy, to that meldonіy in the period of pregnancy contraindications.


Available data on animals testify to the penetration of meldonium into mother's milk. It is not known how meldonium penetrates into human breast milk. It is not possible to turn off the rizik for newborns / they are not allowed, for that there is an hour for breastfeeding meldonium contraindications.


Daily data on the safety and effectiveness of meldonium infection in children under 18 years of age, therefore, meldonium infection in the category of patients is contraindicated.

Zdatnіst vplivat on swidkіst reaction when keruvannya by motor transport or by other mechanisms

The due date for assessing the impact on building construction and transport and maintenance of the mechanism was not carried out.


There was no mention of meldonium overdoses. The drug is low-toxic and does not cause dangerous side effects.

With a reduced arterial pressure, headaches, confusion, tachycardia, severe weakness are possible. Likuvannya is more symptomatic.

In times of severe overdose, it is necessary to control the functions of the liver and liver.

Hemodialysis is not significant in case of overdosing of meldonium in combination with a pronounced association with blood proteins.

Interactions with other medical procedures and other types of interactions.

Meldonium can be concomitantly combined with prolonged action nitrates and other antianginal diseases (stable angina pectoris), cardiac glycosides and diuretic drugs (heart failure). It can also be combined with anticoagulants, antiplatelet agents, antiarrhythmic drugs and other drugs that improve microcirculation.

Meldonium can help with other drugs, such as glyceryl trinitrate, nifedipine, beta-blockers and other hypotensive diseases, and peripheral vasodilators.

As a result of one-hour zastosuvannya preparations in the saliva and meldonium in patients with anemia, hypoglycemic deficiency of the saliva, a polypshuvavsya warehouse of fatty acids in erythrocytes.

Meldonium helps to reduce pathological changes in the heart, elicitation with azidothymidine (AZT), and indirectly affects the reaction of oxidative stress, revitalization of AZT, which leads to dysfunction of mitochondria. The use of meldonium in combination with azidothymidine or other drugs for the treatment of SNID may have a positive effect in the treatment of swollen immunodeficiency (SNID).

In the test, use the reflex of jealousy, viklikanoї etanol, meldonium, changing sleepiness. Under the hour of the court, viklikanih pentilentetrazole, it was established that the anti-sudominal diabetic meldonium was pronounced. In my own case, when meldonium alpha 2-adrenergic blockers yohimbine at a dose of 2 mg/kg and nitric oxide synthase (COA) inhibitor N-(G)-nitro-L-arginine at a dose of 10 mg/kg are taken before therapy, the anti-sudominal action will be blocked meldonium.

An overdose of meldonium can potentiate cardiotoxicity, viklikana cyclophosphamide.

Meldonium may be affected in terms of cardiotoxicity, reversal of indinavir, and neurotoxicity, reversal of efavirenz.

Do not stop injecting meldonium together with other drugs to avoid meldonium, as there may be an increase in the risk of side reactions.

Wash away the savings

Store at temperatures no higher than 25 °C. Do not freeze chi.

Take away in a place inaccessible to children.

The term of appurtenance - 5 years.

Do not stop following the completion of the term of appurtenance indicated on the packaging.

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